Harvestime adheres to certain core values that make us unique from other churches in the Chippewa Valley.  These core values are those non-negotiables that make our church unique.  It is how we express and walk out our beliefs.

John 10: 10  “…I came so they can have real and eternal life.”

This is the verse that use as a guide for our core values at HTC.

Everything we do is about bringing life change.  As our lives are changed, we are able and willing to share with others how their lives can also be changed.  Our core values include a four element cycle where each part builds upon the the other:




R – Relationship with God and Others

     The bible is clear that the greatest of the commandments is to love God and love people.

E – Every Believer a Minister

     Each believer have gifts that need to be used to build up the kingdom in the pursuit of loving God and others.

A – Active Faith 

This is putting what we know into practice.

L – Life Change

As our lives are changed by God, lives around us will change.  This is a never-ending circle rather than a line with a destination; it continues to grow the other areas of our lives.


You can find out more about how these core values are worked out in the lives of others by taking our “Discovery Class”