The Wasp Nest

Oh the weather outside is frightful… It’s cold and windy with snow blowing all around, and yet my mind drifts back to the days of summer. Ahhh – the warmth, the breeze, the yard work. Yep, yard work. My husband … Continued

Expose What You Expect

Every now and then I read something that makes me want to shake my computer screen and shout, “Yes!” This last month I received the following email from Michayla White who is Director of the International Network of Childrens Ministries. … Continued

Trust Me

In our house we look forward to the end of August. It’s my daughters birthday AND it’s when Menards starts putting out their Christmas decor! My daughter and I love to go see all the tree displays and new decorations. … Continued

Can’t Get Enough

Picture this: a room full of over 600 third through sixth graders who are grossly outnumbering the adults in the room. All dressed in various color team apparel with shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs! This is … Continued

Cars 3

Have you ever seen watched a movie that just left you speechless at the end? One that you could immediately watch again, that would go down in history as a classic?? The other night our family watched one of those … Continued


It was the worst Sunday I have had in a long time. It was one of those mornings where from the moment my morning alarm rang, the day seemed to be a mess. Late getting ready, arguing with family, little … Continued

The Source

The Source Every year in January I see churches all over the world, including ours, set aside a time for fasting as we head in to the new year. And each year I ask myself the question of what my … Continued

Greater Things

Did you ever have one of those friends who could listen to a song on repeat a million times and never grow tired of it, but it drives everyone else crazy? I am that friend. I don’t get tired of … Continued

Found Faithful

Have you ever had one of those times in your life when you hit a rough patch that doesn’t seem to let up? I am talking about the kind of rough patch that leaves you wondering if you some how … Continued