The Salty Dog Cafe Conundrum

I recall a time when my family and I were headed off on vacation to South Carolina. I had only one place set in my mind during that trip, the Salty Dog Cafe. You have to understand. The food from … Continued

The Illusion of Control

But what if there was another way? Instead of God-forgetting, it was God-remembering. Remembering who really is in control.

That Inner Monologue

Let me the set the scene for you: Blue lights line the back of the stage. Three spotlights shine on the front of the stage.  It is a packed house. There I am, in the middle of it all with … Continued

Unwrapping Christmas

Gift giving seems to be a big part of Christmas.  And when you look at the first Christmas you see that giving gifts was a big part of that Christmas ,too. The Magi brought three gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. … Continued

Green Ice Cream

August 28th   If you have watched tv ever in your life you have seen those commercials — specifically ones that tell you how to turn fat into rock hard muscle.  Some of these commercials will try to tell you … Continued

The Science Behind a Snakebite

There is no better way to start a blog than with a joke. Here it goes: Snake 1:  Hey, I hope we are not poisonous! Snake 2: Why do you say that? Snake 1: Because I just bit my lip… … Continued

Sharing a Shadow

Sharing a Shadow Kim Peek. He was born Nov. 11, 1951.  For most people that name doesn’t mean a whole lot.  However, Kim Peek is an extraordinary individual. He was described as living Google.  His life was far from easy … Continued

Speaking of Michael Phelps

Did you know you were a great swimmer? Well, half of you at least.  Let me clarify. I recently had my 3rd child.   Our third boy!  I will let that sink in. After bringing him home from the hospital, … Continued

The Guy Fawkes Mask

“Remember, remember the 5th of November,  The gunpowder treason and plot” That quote was going through my head as I scanned the crowd at youth convention and one person in particular caught my eye. He was wearing a Guy Fawkes (pronounced … Continued

Back in ‘Nam

The first three hours flew by. (Literally.) It was hour 14, 15 and 16 that got to me.  By that point, sleep was not going to happen.  My neck hurt.  My back hurt.  I was starting to go a little … Continued