It was the worst Sunday I have had in a long time. It was one of those mornings where from the moment my morning alarm rang, the day seemed to be a mess. Late getting ready, arguing with family, little … Continued

The Source

The Source Every year in January I see churches all over the world, including ours, set aside a time for fasting as we head in to the new year. And each year I ask myself the question of what my … Continued

Greater Things

Did you ever have one of those friends who could listen to a song on repeat a million times and never grow tired of it, but it drives everyone else crazy? I am that friend. I don’t get tired of … Continued

Found Faithful

Have you ever had one of those times in your life when you hit a rough patch that doesn’t seem to let up? I am talking about the kind of rough patch that leaves you wondering if you some how … Continued


I lived in Phoenix Arizona for 7 years. After spending most of my life in Wausau Wisconsin, it was a welcome change. My friends and family in Wisconsin were jealous when, in January, they complained of snow and ice and … Continued


Every month I go to an assisted living community with Pastor Kim to do the chapel service for their residents. I pretend I know how to play hymns and then he shares a profound message to our guests seasoned in … Continued

Fasting and Prayer Day 5 – Mentorship

Jesus had the disciples, Paul had Timothy and Elijah had Elisha. Each of these great leaders and teachers imparted what they know into someone else. The result was a changed life, a renewed passion for God and impacting the world … Continued

Taking back the deck

Bees. Specifically hornets. You know it is summer when these little “friends” come out to play. I am fully aware there is a legitimate reason for hornets and that God created them with a purpose for our ecosystem, but can … Continued

Fix your eyes

When I was in high school I was on our dance team. I can still remember watching them as a little girl and wanting to be a part of that team. They were the best in the state and won invitations to the … Continued