Life Groups are the heartbeat of Harvestime.  It is invaluable the insight and friendships you can gain by regularly pursuing Christ together in a smaller group.  Our leaders are passionate and ready to bring you into their community with open arms – just ask!

Bellow we have a list of all the active Life Groups.  Browse each one individually, or use the form to help you narrow it down.

Email our Life Group Pastor James ( with any questions or concerns!

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19:19 Discipleship
Location: Varies | Day: Varies | Time: Varies

All people who are interested in discipling or being discipled.

Group Leader: Wesley Laws

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Awaken Young Adult Ministry
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Tuesday | Time: Evening

Attention young adults, post-high school through 29 years old, who are looking for a fantastic community of young adults to pursue God with! We gather every Tuesday night from 8pm to 10pm in the sanctuary for a time of teaching and worship, activating our God-given identity.

Group Leader: Wesley Laws

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Discovery Class Eau Claire
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Sunday | Time: Morning

Want to learn more about Harvestime and get involved? Discovery Class is your first step!

Group Leader: Wesley Laws

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G2 Women's Ministry
Location: Varies | Day: Varies | Time: Varies

Generation to Generation, Women affecting Women

Group Leader: Sharon Dunn

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LG | B.E.A.T.
Location: Varies | Day: Thursday | Time: 6:30pm

The word of God is His heartBEAT -- it is His will for us. Join us for this video study that will generate discussion surrounding a variety of topics within the Christian faith. Lead by Pat and Mayra Couture, this group rotates homes every month located in Eau Claire.

Group Leader: Patrick Couture

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LG | Digging Deeper
Location: Eau Claire South | Day: Tuesday | Time: 6:00pm

If you're looking for an opportunity to reflect on Sunday's sermon and go deeper into the message, we encourage you to check out this great in-home life group. You'll enjoy a time of discussion expounding upon Harvestime's weekly sermons with leaders Fred and Kathy Tscholl.

Group Leader: Fred Tscholl

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LG | Men's Group
Location: | Day: Monday | Time:

Join us as we read bible verses and share insight and truths with each other as God reveals them to us.

Group Leader: Josh Kilde

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LG | Redwood Men's Ministry
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Monday | Time: 8:00pm

Whether you are a father, aspiring father, or a man seeking the Heavenly Father's heart, come gather with this men's group united by the roots of faith and the red wood of the cross. Gather together to worship and encourage each other through God's Word and prayer. Please contact Pastor James at for summer meeting plans.

Group Leader: James Jonas

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LG | Understanding the Prophetic
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Tuesday | Time: 6:30pm

The Bible reveals that every Christian can hear from God and speak prophetically to others. This group provides scriptural encouragement and practical instruction to help discover how God speaks to you, discern when and how to speak prophetically to others, recognize how prophecy functions in the local church, and overcome obstacles unique to ministering prophetically.

Group Leader: Alyssa Thoms*

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LG | W.O.W. Women of the Word
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Tuesday | Time: 6:30pm

No matter how long you have been a Christian, you will find freedom in Christ a wonderfully refreshing spiritual check-up. It will help you clear away the spiritual cobwebs and connect you with Jesus in a deeper way.

Group Leader: Vicki Steinke

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LG | Women's Thursday Morning Study
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Thursday | Time: 9:30am

Come enjoy a time of fellowship with an amazing group of women who are passionate about rejoicing in the Lord as they pursue Christ. The group enjoys video studies on various topics that will encourage you as you grow in your relationship with God. Fellowship is at 9am.

Group Leader: Sharon Dunn

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