The coronavirus has caused a lot of change. One of those being life groups for this season. Go ahead and watch this video and click on the button below to get involved with a virtual life group.

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Life Groups are the heartbeat of Harvestime.  It is invaluable the insight and friendships you can gain by regularly pursuing Christ together in a smaller group.  Our leaders are passionate and ready to bring you into their community with open arms – just ask!

Bellow we have a list of all the active Life Groups.  Browse each one individually, or use the form to help you narrow it down.

Email either Pastor Kyle ([email protected]) or  Pastor Wes ([email protected]) with any questions!

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Discovery Class
Location: Online | Day: Varies | Time: Varies

EAU CLAIRE Want to learn more about Harvestime and get involved? Discovery Class is your first step! Fill out the "Discovery Class Sign Up" form to get started!

Group Leader: Alison Amelse

Contact Alison

LG | Axe Throwing League
Location: Eau Claire North | Day: Thursday | Time: 6:00pm

Get your buffalo flannel ready! We are excited to announce that we have an exciting new Life Group to offer-HTC Axe Throwing League! This group will meet on Thursdays starting Oct. 15 from 6-8pm for a six-week season at Action City in Eau Claire. A league pass will be $15. If you are interested, please contact Brooke Adams at [email protected]

Group Leader: Brooke Adams

Contact Brooke

LG | G2 Women's Group
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Thursday | Time: Morning

CHIPPEWA FALLS Generation to Generation, Women affecting Women

Group Leader: Sharon Dunn

Contact Sharon

LG | Game Group
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Every Other Friday | Time: 7:00pm

Have a good time playing board games together! (1st + 3rd Fridays)

Group Leader: Jon Parkins

Contact Jon

LG | Knitting Group
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Monday | Time: 6:30pm

Get cozy with this creative group of people.

Group Leader: Sue Fehrenbach

Contact Sue

LG | Men's Breakfast
Location: Eau Claire West | Day: Monday | Time: 10:00am

Catch breakfast and get to know this guy-group.

Group Leader: Cameron Nault

Contact Cameron

LG | Men's Group
Location: | Day: Monday | Time: 6:00am

Join us as we read bible verses and share insight and truths with each other as God reveals them to us.

Group Leader: Josh Kilde

Contact Josh

LG | Philippians [CF]
Location: Online | Day: Wednesday | Time: 6:00pm

We want to reach out and invite everyone to join us for two new online Life Groups that will be starting next Wednesday April 8. We will be offering a Philippians Study, as well as a Psalm 23 study. Both will run from 6pm-7pm. If you are interested please reply to Brooke at [email protected] and she will add you RightNow Media where you will be able to access the study guides and videos for the study. She will also send you instructions on how to join us online for the group chats through Google. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Group Leader: Brooke Adams

Contact Brooke

LG | Prayer
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Varies | Time: Varies

See the calendar for all prayer groups and times during the week!

Group Leader: Kim Buckman

Contact Kim

LG | Quest for the Best
Location: Varies | Day: Saturday | Time: 12:30pm

From sushi to burgers, join this group once a month to try a different restaurant in the city on the quest for the best!

Group Leader: Kyle Ruud

Contact Kyle

LG | Remnant Bible Study
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Thursday | Time: 9:30am

A Thursday morning bible study for women.

Group Leader: Alyssa Thoms*

Contact Alyssa

LG | School of Kingdom Ministry
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Sunday | Time: Evening

SCHOOL OF KINGDOM MINISTRY - Weekly beginning in the fall - SoKM (School of Kingdom Ministry) is a class that meets for three hours, once a week, for nine months. It is a unique class that covers topics of the Holy Spirit, identity, prophecy, deliverance, kingdom theology, healing, and more. Each class consists of a teaching, an activity time, and practice. There will be more information coming out soon! If you are interested in taking the class or have questions, you can email Matt Frisinger at [email protected] EAU CLAIRE

Group Leader: Matthew Frisinger

Contact Matthew

LG | W.O.W. Women of the Word
Location: Harvestime Church | Day: Monday | Time: 6:30pm

No matter how long you have been a Christian, you will find freedom in Christ a wonderfully refreshing spiritual check-up. This is a group for women only.

Group Leader: Vicki Steinke

Contact Vicki

LG | Wednesday Group
Location: Eleva | Day: Wednesday | Time: 6:30pm

Group Leader: Adam Norlander

Contact Adam

Thursday Morning Women's Group
Location: Chippewa South | Day: Thursday | Time: 9:00am

Women of all ages meeting together for fellowship and Bible teaching. Nursery is provided.

Group Leader: Louise Custer

Contact Louise