Can I get married at Harvestime? Are there requirements?

What are the restrictions/stipulations that I have to follow?

How much does it cost?

What does my money pay for?


Can I get married at Harvestime? Are there Requirements?

We believe that marriage is a sacred institution set up by God and with that in mind, we only make our facility available for weddings for members of Harvestime Church.

Obviously the wedding can not interfere with already scheduled events and our in- house programs so we recommend that you apply early.

Some of the stipulations include:

  • A couple must be married by one of the pastoral staff from Harvestime Church or clergy who are credentialed by the Assemblies of God. ¬†They must attend the pre-marital counseling provided. Brochures are available.
  • You must read and sign the Wedding/Building Use Procedures guidelines which contains additional stipulations and requirements.This form is available through the church office.
  • The wedding party must be out of the building by 5pm on Saturdays to accommodate set up for Sunday.
  • No reception dinners can be held at Harvestime Church (although we do allow rehearsal dinners on Friday)

Finally, we reserve the right to approve or deny any application for whatever reason

What are the restrictions and stipulations I have to follow?

  1. You will need to discuss with the Wedding Coordinator the times you will need to be in the building to decorate and prepare for your wedding.
  2. If there is an ongoing sermon series during the time of the wedding which includes pre-existing decorations which must be removed for the ceremony, there will be an additional fee of $50. Any removal of Harvestime decorations by wedding personnel is strictly prohibited.
  3. Harvestime Church is not responsible if anyone is hurt while on the premises.
  4. The piano is available for use, however there are no other musical instruments provided by the church.
  5. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises and smoking is only permitted outside the building.
  6. Rice or confetti is not allowed inside the building. Please make sure that the wedding party is aware of this.
  7. Decorating may be done during office hours (9am-4pm) or during the rehearsal.
  8. The wedding rehearsal is limited to 1.5 hours. If the decorations involve candles, they are restricted only to the stage platform and should be of the ‘dripless’ variety.
  9. If you are bringing your own or rented equipment, please make sure that someone is responsible for returning it after the wedding. We are not responsible for items left behind. Decorations placed by the wedding party must be taken down 1 hour after the wedding ceremony ends.
  10. Time allotted on the wedding day is 4 hours.
  11. We provide a professional technician who will run sound and is in charge of all Harvestime equipment. This is covered by the fee for the building use. No outside technicians are allowed.
  12. Use of the church kitchen is not included in the fee.
  13. Dressing rooms will be assigned to both the bridal party and the groom and his attendants. Please discuss this with the Wedding Coordinator.
  14. Any couple that is married by a pastor from Harvestime Church must attend three (3) hours of pre-marital counseling sessions.

How much does it cost?

The price for a ceremony at Harvestime Church range from $550 – $850, depending on your ceremony choice. This price includes:

  • $150 returnable deposit is due to reserve the wedding date. This will be returned after the wedding if there is no damage or excess cleaning needed and all procedures have been followed.
  • Ceremony choices:

    • Harvestime Church building with Harvestime Church pastor and pre-marital counseling: $650 payable by 1 week prior to wedding (does not include security deposit).

What does my money pay for?

This money is used to pay the people who help put the wedding together. These people include…

  • The pastor officiating the wedding
  • Premarital counseling sessions
  • The sound technician
  • The wedding coordinator
  • The sanctuary set up and Sunday Service reset
  • The custodian