Fall Festivals

Pharisees and Sadducees Destruction of Solomons Temple 571 BC the Babylonians destroyed the Temple and led the people into captivity Daniel, Ezekiel Persia overthrows the Babylonian empire in one night 539 during the reign of Beltshazzar Cyrus allows for the … Continued

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Changed – Self

Series on what does it look like to bring change to a society.  Starting with us and leading into a whole nation. Shared part two last week, now we are going to part one personally changed Jesus Transfigured. Luke 9: … Continued

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Scarlet Thread Spring Feasts

1.  Appointed times Leviticus 23: 2 Jewish calendar works on a lunar calendar First slimmer of a moon is the first of the month The full moon is the middle The last sliver is the end of the month. God … Continued


Changed: Jonah

New series called Changed about how to bring change to our lives, families, and the lives of those around us. The Message  Jonah heard the message that he was to give to Nineveh. Jonah 1: 2 Nineveh is modern day … Continued

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Holy Before the Lord

Setting up the Story Last week: Leprosy – they represent us all being lepers in need of cleansing Leviticus 16 tells about the holiness of God Event: death of Aaron’s two sons Moses came out of the temple holding the hands … Continued

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In Love With a Cow

Jesus is trying to convey incredible spiritual truths and he is able to do it with lines like A man had two sons. A man has 100 sheep. This morning  A man prepared a great feast. 1. Distracted Known as … Continued

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Jesus the Leper

Leprosy and Skin Diseases The eternal word of God You have exalted your word above your name Psalm 138: 2 Why does this spend so many chapters obsessing over scabs and mold? Seems obscure unless we look at them in … Continued

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God Speaking Through Environment

Take a one week break from Leviticus to look at a situation happening in our nation through the race explosion that happened last weekend Matthew 24: 10 then shall many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate … Continued

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