Foundations – God Knows

Looking at the foundations of our faith and how God empowers us to be able to do this. God with us God intercedes for us that our faith would not fail Now, This High Priest understands our weaknesses. (Thomas who … Continued

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First Fruits Jerusalem

We have started this service to explore our Jewish roots. on May 14 which is the anniversary of the birth of Israel, the United States is moving its embassy to Jerusalem.  I want to look a little bit tonight at … Continued


The Scarlet Thread – Kingdom Blessings

During this sermon we will be finding Jesus in the Old Testament.  You can see and hear more sermons in this series!  Visit the sermon series The Scarlet Thread. GOT QUESTIONS?  Email/text   “Ki Tavo” Name for the time … Continued


Foundations – Christ our Intercessor

We are looking at the foundations of our faith from Hebrews 6:1,2 If God requires something from us, he empowers us to be able to accomplish it.  1. Our Intercessor.  Jesus lives to make intercession for us Hebrews 7: 25 … Continued


The Scarlet Thread – Justice of the Judges

1. Justice of the Judges Judges appointed for the people. Deuteronomy 16: 18 They were appointed over the people to judge disputes If the problems were to great, they were to bring the cases to the place that the Lord … Continued