The votes are in! There are a couple of different updates that we are excited to tell you about:

– You gave us the approval to begin negotiations on the purchase of a few acres next to our South Campus. If we vote in the future for purchase (depending on how negotiations go), we will then be able to expand the parking lot; things are getting pretty cramped on the pavement.

– We confirmed Terry Miller and Sheldon Hazen to the deacon board! These are some wonderful men that are passionate about Harvestime Church’s mission and advancing the kingdom of God. 

Ever wondered what the church board is and who is on it? We have two different types of boards: elders and deacons. The church’s elder board are church-elected individuals who function as spiritual leaders in all matters pertaining to the church. They are spirit-filled and hold mature Christian experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Elders, who are called by God to be spiritual leaders (Romans 12:8), serve with diligence and shepherd over God’s people. They are to seek the will of God in all matters, to be led by the Spirit, and above all follow the admonition of the Word (Acts 20:17-32, 1 Timothy 5:17-20, 3:1-7).

The board of deacons (or the ‘trustees’) are servants to the church and elder board in the day-to-day, practical, and social cares of the church, thus freeing the elders to give themselves to the ministry of the word and prayer. The deacons are responsible for the holding of all church property.

We honor those who have committed to help the church’s vision move forward, often sacrificing time and energy to take on projects or seeing through some big decisions.

If you see any of the following members, please remember to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself–also thank them for their servant leadership.