If you are interested in exploring more about your faith – whether it’s newly founded or it’s been years – you want to join Alpha Home Groups! Get connected to some great people, learn the answers to life’s tough questions like: “Why did Jesus Die?” “How does God guide us?”, and “How does God heal today?” There are MANY things to cover, and MANY people to explore them with! 

Groups meet during different days and times throughout the week. You are able to choose the group that works with your schedule! The team of people meet up at a host’s home, a safe and secure place where any question is welcomed. 

There is a video for that week’s question. One of the HTC pastors leads the movie and discussion happens after. There may be snacks and drinks during the session. It is a great time to charge through those road barriers.

You do not have to be a Christian or go to Harvestime Church to join Alpha! If there is a friend that is interested in learning more about the Christian faith, invite them to come with you! Fill out this link to join. Think of 3 people that may be interested in coming with you and talk with them this week. There are many people around the world that love this course; Pastor Kim and the HTC Staff are excited to launch it!