2020 is upon us and we are leaving the theme of “Fearless” and starting the theme “Believe” I have stated many times over the past year that I wish I would have called the theme “Fear Less” rather than what I did because I don’t know if I will ever get to the place of being fearless, now I am entering a theme that scares me even more. Not that I am afraid to “believe”, but I am afraid not to believe.

We can have so many ideas of what it means to believe or have faith. Some claim we abuse it because we are believing for things that God may not want us to have so our faith is in vain. Others don’t believe God for anything because God will do what He is going to do—so why bother? It is easy to have a church that says all the right things, but has no faith to believe for anything that is relevant to the situation that they are going through. It is thoughts like this that make me fearful of the theme. I want to be balanced, yet I want to be stretched grow in my trust of God and what the Bible says.

There are people who amazed Jesus with their faith and I want to be one of those people but what does it take to get there? I am reading a biography of George Muller, a man who believed God for great things throughout his life (you can find his biography in the book recommendation below.) Here is one thing he says that calms my anxiousness, and really point to where we want to go this year. Muller never set out to distribute millions of Bibles, books, and tracks. He never decided to feed thousands of orphans, build five orphanages, set up Christian schools, and aid missionary work. His main aim was to teach people that it is safe to trust God’s Word, to rest implicitly upon whatever He has said, and obey explicitly what- ever He has bidden. We can offer a prayer in faith and believe God to and walk with Him which is a walk just outside the gates of heaven.

I am excited that God will teach us to “Believe” so we may walk in the fullness of what He has for us. As a friend of mine always says, “Get ready, get ready, get ready!”