Fill Us With Your Spirit

I like answers. I am not a fan of waiting. I like things to be direct, to the point and fast. Microwaves are my friend. Fast food should not have long line, it’s supposed to be fast. I like to see results quickly. All of these things I realize are not ideal attributes in a believer, but sometimes we just… Continue reading Fill Us With Your Spirit

If My Daddy Says It…

PASTOR KYLE’S TOP FIVE DAD LESSONS 1) Never leave home without a diaper… (Yes, I have done this.) 2) Don’t try to bribe your kids with sugary treats right before bedtime.3) Never let your kid watch Caillou (If you’re a parent who has experienced this, you’ll know what I mean)4) Don’t try to bribe your kids with sugary treats right… Continue reading If My Daddy Says It…

And He Walked With God

There is a moment when you hold your child in your arms for the first time, that the weight and gravity of the life you are to shape and mold begins to sink in. All of the sudden everything you have ever thought important, or that you “knew for sure” suddenly seems questionable. Do I really know anything? What if… Continue reading And He Walked With God

Enjoy Knowing Him

I have been married to my wife Jenny for almost 35 years. I know, it is not a record, but it is a personal best. Jenny is incredibly good looking and has an incredible personality that lights up every room she enters. She had a heart that is drawn to those who were hurting, and troubled, a sense of humor,… Continue reading Enjoy Knowing Him

Believe (2020)

2020 is upon us and we are leaving the theme of “Fearless” and starting the theme “Believe” I have stated many times over the past year that I wish I would have called the theme “Fear Less” rather than what I did because I don’t know if I will ever get to the place of being fearless, now I am… Continue reading Believe (2020)

Nothing to See Here

“No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.” Philippians 3:13 I was heading home from the eye doctor (I hate saying that part) to pick up my wife from work. A car crossed the centerline and hit me head on. My… Continue reading Nothing to See Here

[be still, be silent]

I read this line in a blog the other day, “Our modern life has been summed up in three words: hurry, worry, and bury.” We are in a society that demands 5G networks, internet access in our parks, and wearing business attire like a badge of honor . We end our days collapsing in bed in total exhaustion. We know… Continue reading [be still, be silent]

Breaking the Law

By Nathan Christopherson Scientist Henry Morris put to words the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics also known as “the law of decay”. It states that all things tend towards a state of decay or disorder. I see this Law at work every day in my son’s bedroom. No matter the level of work put into cleaning there is always another power… Continue reading Breaking the Law

The Salty Dog Cafe Conundrum

I recall a time when my family and I were headed off on vacation to South Carolina. I had only one place set in my mind during that trip, the Salty Dog Cafe. You have to understand. The food from this place was the ONE thing that I desired on this trip. That ocean-fresh seafood was going to make the… Continue reading The Salty Dog Cafe Conundrum

Open Our Eyes

Last weekend, I took a mother-daughter trip with my mom to the cities and we went to hear Heidi Baker speak at a conference. I have looked up to Heidi Baker for a long time as she has a heart for kids and a love for Jesus that challenges and encourages my faith daily! As she spoke, she reminded me… Continue reading Open Our Eyes