Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the true launching point of summer (putting aside the actual summer start date is June 20th this year.) It often is paired with grilling, boating, sports, and outdoor relaxation. But while you are enjoying the (hopefully) beautiful weather and extra vacation day, it is also a great time to look back on Memorial Day and honor those… Continue reading Memorial Day

Make the Move

Thank you so much for the responses we’ve gotten already from people wanting to serve in kid’s ministry! We are thrilled to have you on team. Church is not the building, it’s you. It cannot run without the church family’s giftings being put into play, and since we are all different and bring something special to the table, it works best… Continue reading Make the Move

Mother’s Day

“Scripture places a lot of weight on a mother’s influence. Many Bible verses on mothers focus on listening to your parents’ instructions. This means that moms should focus on teaching their children — and likewise, children should take note of their mother’s wisdom. ‘Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not… Continue reading Mother’s Day

Help Needed!

Our kid’s ministry at the Eau Claire Campus has more than doubled in size since we re-launched in September. We have had incredible times of worship with kids just waiting in God’s presence. We have welcomed new kids who had almost zero knowledge of who Jesus is and ask great questions like “What is a Christian?” “What is sin?” or “What does… Continue reading Help Needed!

Hello, Warm Weather!

God’s glory is all around us. We can see His character in the way that trees grow, the waves of the ocean, the color of the night sky. There is beauty in every season, and it is good to remind yourself to look through the eyes of a child – with wonder, with curiosity about our creator and His marvelous creations. This is a… Continue reading Hello, Warm Weather!

Chow & Ciao – Eau Claire Campus

Wednesday evenings are busy! The whole church is bustling with activities–groups, services, kids and youth ministry–there is often little time to eat dinner before the events commence. Introducing “Chow & Ciao”, a meal for anyone that needs to eat before dispersing to their evening activities. Rachel Budik, was excited to launch this ministry a couple of weeks ago. It has been exciting to… Continue reading Chow & Ciao – Eau Claire Campus

Fill Us With Your Spirit

I like answers. I am not a fan of waiting. I like things to be direct, to the point and fast. Microwaves are my friend. Fast food should not have long line, it’s supposed to be fast. I like to see results quickly. All of these things I realize are not ideal attributes in a believer, but sometimes we just… Continue reading Fill Us With Your Spirit

If My Daddy Says It…

PASTOR KYLE’S TOP FIVE DAD LESSONS 1) Never leave home without a diaper… (Yes, I have done this.) 2) Don’t try to bribe your kids with sugary treats right before bedtime.3) Never let your kid watch Caillou (If you’re a parent who has experienced this, you’ll know what I mean)4) Don’t try to bribe your kids with sugary treats right… Continue reading If My Daddy Says It…

And He Walked With God

There is a moment when you hold your child in your arms for the first time, that the weight and gravity of the life you are to shape and mold begins to sink in. All of the sudden everything you have ever thought important, or that you “knew for sure” suddenly seems questionable. Do I really know anything? What if… Continue reading And He Walked With God

Enjoy Knowing Him

I have been married to my wife Jenny for almost 35 years. I know, it is not a record, but it is a personal best. Jenny is incredibly good looking and has an incredible personality that lights up every room she enters. She had a heart that is drawn to those who were hurting, and troubled, a sense of humor,… Continue reading Enjoy Knowing Him