Christ in Action Training

Fri.-Sat. 3/25-3/26 • 8am-5:30pm each dayAssisting Individuals in Crisis is the first of the three consecutive Faith-Based First Responders courses. Crisis intervention is not psychotherapy, rather it is a specialized acute emergency mental health intervention that requires specialized training. As physical first-aid is to surgery, crisis intervention is to psychotherapy.  Thus crisis intervention is often called “emotional first-aid”. This interactive program is designed… Continue reading Christ in Action Training

Stopping the Busy

So, the world is picking back up, again. Cars are a-cruising, people are out a-bustling, there are millions of ways to get that adrenaline coursing. It is understandable to think that we were ripped off by all the restriction put on us for the last two years; we lost some of that dear time that our lives are in such short… Continue reading Stopping the Busy

Your Giving

As you may have heard, our payment processor is changing from Bluepay to Pushpay. This processor is the circulatory system of our online giving; it allows us to accept credit cards, checking, and debit gifts. We have already begun the switch! When you give online you can select “give” on our website and it will allow you to choose your campus…. Continue reading Your Giving

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting | Day 41?!

The fasting and prayer time doesn’t end at the end of forty days, it is a lifestyle that we have been called to redirect us as a Harvestime community. We want to challenge you to continue to let God change you in this way! Thank you for joining us at this time. Let’s expect God to do big things!

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting | Day 39

God is calling those followers who are not active, accepting of evil, and lukewarm to rise up and press into asking God to change their hearts. Let us rise up and not be complacent. Devotional by Karlan Brunner (South Campus)

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting | Day 38

Be encouraged to be as one in spirit and purpose. Have the same attitude as Jesus, serve others, and do everything without complaining. We need to stand in unity. Devotional by Jenny Buckman (Eau Claire Campus)

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting | Day 36

God is calling us to stand bolding, but also “stand” while on our knees in reverence. Walk with obedience to Him. Devotional by Pastor Karl Hanson (Chippewa Falls Campus)