Turkey/Syria Emergency Relief

Early morning on February 6th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake through southeast Turkey and part of Syria, as well as an 7.5 earthquake in northern Turkey. Over 100 lower magnitude after-shocks happened after. It has been catastrophic to say the least. Over 7,200 people have been killed by the quakes in both Turkey and Syria, and more than 5,500 buildings have crumbled… Continue reading Turkey/Syria Emergency Relief

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 37

| Devotional by Kyle Ruud (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Focus: 1 King 17:15-16 Our theme is “Go”, but what about letting go? Fear is a huge obstacle that can get in the way for letting go of what you may be currently doing and jump into something different—something that God is asking you to do.

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 36

| Devotional by Josh Kilde (Harvestime Chippewa) | Bible Focus: 1 Corinthians 8:1-9 Knowledge and wisdom are two different things. When you feel like you need to correct someone, watch how you say things. Maybe the Holy Spirit is asking you to let it go to Him instead.

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 34

| Devotional by Beth McCauley (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Focus: 2 Timothy 4:2 No matter who you are or what you do, you are called to preach the Word of God. Be encouraged to go after scripture so that it is implanted in your heart.

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 32

| Devotional by Alison Amelse (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Focus: Joshua 6:25 God inspires people and draws people in, even people that might not been familiar with Him. He tends to take people as they are, at that moment, and a graft them in to something greater!

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 31

| Devotional by Alyssa Thoms (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Focus: 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 God has been telling us to get going—get moving! We are in the go-mode in 2023, but what is the most important thing to add to your movement? Do everything in: love.

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 30

| Devotional by Karl & Hannah Hanson (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Focus: John 10:38-41 Everyday life is full of distractions. If we are focusing on sitting at the world’s feet for filling you, then you are missing the mark. We must sit at the feet of Jesus.