By Nathan Christopherson

Scientist Henry Morris put to words the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics also known as “the law of decay”. It states that all things tend towards a state of decay or disorder. I see this Law at work every day in my son’s bedroom. No matter the level of work put into cleaning there is always another power which brings an organized room into a state of “Toy-Pandemonium”. This power is my 2 year old daughter and her partner in crime, Asher (my 4 year old son). Metal cars litter the floor like land mines and an extensive collection of children’s books form a collage of chaos on the bed.

The scriptures tell us that this law of decay relates to more than my sons bedroom, it is actually the state to which our world has been subjected to. When Adam and Eve willfully chose to rebel against God, a transaction of death occurred and our world was given to the law of decay and death.
“Sin is at work in our bodies,”
says Paul and it is bringing death to that which God created for his glory. We see the law of decay when we watch a painful divorce unfold. We experience the sting of death when we are faced with a health crisis or a loved one passes away. The pain of this “law” is real, but it is not the ultimate end for the people of Faith.

Breaking the “Law”
Something inside of us wants to see the law of decay broken. A revolution against death and decay has been coded into our DNA. We long for restoration. We long to see the reversal of decay. Paul says, “we have this treasure in jars of clay” and that the spirit groans within us, longing for the restoration of all things and a final end to death and corruption. Christ broke the law of decay when he uttered these words on the Cross, 
A new law is at work in us, it wages war against sin and death. The new Law is the Spirit of Life. Christ renews, restores and recreates what sin has broken! The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives in us. It wages war on everything that opposes God’s perfect plan of redemption. People of God, Christ defeated death, hell and the grave. He Broke the Law of sin and death and has given us a Living Hope!

Right now, take a few moments and pray this prayer for renewal and life.

“Father, I see the law of sin and death at work in this world and even in my own life. Even though this law is powerful, I thank you that it is not the final word over my life. You sent your son to break the power of sin and death in this world. I welcome your Holy Spirit to come into my life and break the curse of sin and death. Come Holy Spirit, fill every part of me. Restore what has been broken, mend what has been torn, renew what is dying and resurrect what the enemy has tried to destroy in me. I trust your power because it is more powerful than sin, hell and the grave! In Jesus precious name I pray, AMEN!!!!