We were sitting around a table coming up with content for our new website. As an attempt to use modern media to reach todays society, a blog was highly recommended. Proving I am down with reaching this modern society, I am stepping up using all technology available to me to reach out and affect this generation. I rid myself of windows and now use a Mac because the apple store is full of cool looking people who are in touch with what is out there as far as impressive new gadgets. I especially like the way you have to click on that apple with a bite out of it to turn off your computer. How tech savvy is that?
Beyond my tech devices, I diligently researched other means available to me to get my message out to all those post modern starbuckites. Pastor Kyle gave me a list of them and told me to quit bothering him, thus ending my research. Twitter allows 140 characters, I am a pastor, how can I hold my thoughts to 140 characters? Besides, all I know about tweeting is that people usually end up apologizing to their followers for what they said. I can imagine having to retract my tweets in front of my family at the kitchen table and explain my tweet to my two followers, begging the third family member to join.
Not to be dismayed, I joined Voxer so I can leave voice messages with all my friends. Any one? Any one? Can you hear me know? Facebook, I knew about that one all on my own. Wowing people with pictures of the food I am eating, and telling everyone I know I am cold when the temperature is below zero. I am sure that those holding their lattes are totally awed at the life changing implications of me forwarding a saying off a motivational poster. Then I read an article where all the young people are leaving Facebook because it is occupied by their parents who they consider “OLD”.
That left me with one chance to prove I can relate to my generation like Jesus did to his. After all he talked from a fishing boat, how savvy was that? Writing a blog. I didn’t even know what a blog was. I vaguely remember Steve McQueen fighting one in a movie from the 50’s but there my knowledge runs out. I ran to the bookshelf to pull out my Webster’s Dictionary and alas, it wasn’t even defined in there. Saddened by the reality that I was hopelessly out of touch, I went to my sanctuary and consoled myself by reading others thoughts about life, God, and our pursuit of purpose in this world. Two of the people I read have been dead for a number of years and yet their words encouraged me like they were sitting in my own room. My father used to write faster than I could talk and paging through his works, I am once again inspired. My sister posts her thoughts and I am amazed, this is not the woman I remember growing up with. Then it hits me. A blog is nothing more than sharing thoughts from those that have inspired me and in turn will encourage you too. It’s not that I have such important things to say that people will want to hang on every word, but I do know the one whose words are ageless and He has something for us today.
So here is our blog. An attempt to keep within 10 years of modern technology from a man who is aging daily. Enjoy these words of encouragement as I share the things God is daily teaching me. I may copy others works, (that is until my sister’s lawyers get a hold of me), but everything in this blog will be an attempt to let you know God loves you and He is still working in and through our lives today. So hello technology, this is your “Hip Pastor” signing off.