For the Lord’s sake, respect all human authority–whether the king as head of state or the officials he has appointed. (1 Peter 2: 13)  this verse pretty much explains itself.
We have the privilege of praying for those in authority over us.  Asking God to give them wisdom and honor which they deserve because we respect the Lord.
Let us spend time thanking God for all those who are in authority over us.  Let us ask Him for wisdom for our leaders.  Let us ask that He would keep them safe.  Ask that the favor of God would be upon them so that it will go well for us here in this country.
Allow God to direct our attitude toward our leaders rather than the latest talking head on television or radio.
We may have to start this time with repentance rather than prayer, but notice for the third time it states we need to do this for the Lord’s sake not because we feel they deserve it or not. God uses those in authority over us to produce His character in us and we as a church may be missing the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth as we learn to submit to those over us out of respect for Jesus.
Join me this day in praying for God’s favor in our leadership.  Ask God for grace for a nation wide “Great Awakening”  Let us believe that God is not done with our nation and that He still has a harvest He wants to reap in our generation.