Early morning on February 6th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake through southeast Turkey and part of Syria, as well as an 7.5 earthquake in northern Turkey. Over 100 lower magnitude after-shocks happened after. It has been catastrophic to say the least.

Over 7,200 people have been killed by the quakes in both Turkey and Syria, and more than 5,500 buildings have crumbled in Turkey alone.

This is such a devastation to that area (one of the deadliest earthquakes in decades), but as Harvestime continues to gather more information on the event, we are also offering a couple of ways that you can get involved.

As you may know we have a missionary that we sponsor who’s family lives in Turkey, Brandon and Laura Hawkins. They were evacuated with the many others in that country and they are safe, but we are in contact with them and Light a Candle to help bring relief to the people of Turkey.

Ways you can help:
Donate for help with aid, supplies, and more
Join the Light a Candle team as they go launch to Turkey and connect with Brandon and Laura Hawkins. They specifically need medical personnel and structural engineers, but please reach out if you want to help outside of those parameters!

The trip will be from Feb. 14th through the 25th. If people are interested in the trip or if they want to donate they can email [email protected]

lightacandle.global/earthquake-relief to apply for the trip.