LG | Harvestime Young Adults

Young Adults gathering together to learn about and worship God.

Meeting Days: Tuesday
Meeting Time: 7:00pm

LG | Royal Remnant Women’s Group

Join this close group of ladies as they learn more about God’s love all-the-while build on friendships.

Meeting Days: Thursday
Meeting Time: 6:30am

LG | NOW Men’s Ministry

Join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8:00am for breakfast, a speaker, and fellowship. We are men. More than that, we are sons of the most high. We value friendship, brotherhood, and encouraging other men. As we engage the world, we represent Jesus to the best of our ability and seek to bring up other men to…

Meeting Days: Saturday
Meeting Time: 8:30am

LG | Prayer

As a church, we are called to be a house of prayer. Our prayer groups are so important to the culture of our community!

Meeting Days: Varies
Meeting Time: Varies

LG | Thursday Morning Women’s Group

Women of all ages meeting together for fellowship and Bible teaching.

Meeting Days: Thursday
Meeting Time: 9:00am

LG | Wednesday Group

We enjoy meeting together and diving deeper into discussions about God.

Meeting Days: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 6:30pm

LG | Monday Morning Men’s Group

Join us as we read Bible verses and share insight and truths with each other as God reveals them to us.

Meeting Days: Monday
Meeting Time: 6:00am

LG | Digging Deeper

Our walk with God is a constant journey. You will be encouraged to ‘dig deeper’ into who God is and into what He has for you.

Meeting Days: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 6:30pm

LG | Daughters of the King

No matter how long you have been a Christian, you will find freedom in Christ a wonderfully refreshing spiritual check-up. This is a group for women only. Children are welcome to play while the group is in session. **In the warm months, when the weather is good, this group meets at Altoona Park.

Meeting Days: Monday
Meeting Time: 6:00pm

HTCU | School of Kingdom Ministry

The School of Kingdom Ministry is a ministry school designed to train our church family and equip them. We believe that when it comes to the works of Jesus, “everybody gets to play” and everybody deserves the opportunity to be trained. This school was developed to make that possible; it’s tailored for the everyday person at any church. This course…

Meeting Days: Sunday
Meeting Time: Evening

LG | G2 Women’s Group

This close group of women gets together regularly to uplift and support each other as a community.

Meeting Days: Varies
Meeting Time: Varies