“No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.” Philippians 3:13 I was heading home from the eye doctor (I hate saying that part) to pick up my wife from work. A car crossed the centerline and hit me head on. My beautiful red mustang was destroyed in an instant. I was mad and kicked the door open as it was jammed shut. Pacing back and forth I tired to calm myself down and improve my attitude as the crowd gathered and police showed up but that day, it was a losing battle. It was October, so I started to feel the weather returning to the car. I tried to retrieve my coat from the back seat. A policeman stopped me and wanted to know why I was attempting to rob the car. I explained it was mine and he immediately made me sit down. It was then I realized there were two other people lying on the highway in serious condition. They thought that they were the two drivers of the vehicles. I looked in my car and saw the engine had broken through the firewall on the passenger side and which could have greatly hindered my ability to walk. To say the least, this greatly enhanced my battle with my attitude and actually lead me to a time of repentance for the thoughts I was allowing to control my mind. Now, I don’t believe that we are always just called to live with the attitude of “it could have been worse—so be happy,” but we are called to look forward to what lies ahead. I don’t totally comprehend what that is that lies ahead, I mean I understand there are mansions and gold and angels and lots of other people, but to see Jesus unhindered has to trump all of those things. Paul states we have to do one thing to help us focus on this, forget the past and look forward. I returned to my wrecked car the following week to remove a couple things from the trunk and walk away. I did not drag the car with me and put it in my front yard; I pulled out what was of value to me and left the wreckage there. I think this is what Paul was saying, leave the wreckage of the past, pull out what we can learn from it and move on. Then we will be able to focus on the beauty of what lies ahead of us. Not that I have achieved this yet, but I am not giving up in my pursuit of it and my prayer is that you will do the same. Have an incredible Thanksgiving.