As with every year in October, we want to take this time to honor our church leaders. There are many things that our pastors do that go above and beyond! Harvestime is so blessed to have them on board.

Wondering how you can best honor our leaders? There is a box in the lobby for cards, gifts, and anything else you may want to give. But if you really want to knock their socks off, serving is the best way to show them your appreciation. I believe that Pastor Kyle Jorris from Evangel Church said it best––

“I remember my first Pastor Appreciation Month. It was THREE DAYS into being a pastor. I was so grateful for all the gifts and handwritten cards I got. I’m a big words of affirmation person, so this month always fills my cup.

However, I wanna tell you a secret. If you are wondering how to bless your pastor this month, I know exactly what they want. More than your money, your gift cards, or your baked goods, they want your TIME. It’s been said that love is spelled T.I.M.E.

Go up to them and bless them by saying this (word for word if possible):

‘Pastor (insert name here), I wanna give more of my TIME to the Kingdom and our church body. Where is the biggest need that I can serve? How can I carry the weight of ministry with you?’

Once you say this, their eyes will light up, their face will grin wildly, and they may collapse to the floor out of excitement!” 

– Kyle Jorris, Kids Pastor at Evangel Church in Bismarck North Dakota.

Find our general serving application here! The gift box will be available during services through October.

(Kids’ Ministry ApplicationYouth Ministry Application)