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Ready Team leadership, as well as many on the team, are trained Faith Based First Responders. They serve the Chippewa Valley in the way of disaster response and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). It is a non-profit ministry of Harvestime Church. 

Team Verse: Isaiah 6:8 - “Here I am. Send me!”

Team Purpose: The Ready Team exists to share the hope & love of Jesus by partnering with our community for disaster preparedness, response, & CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management).

Our Mission

The Ready Team aims to help our community and individuals recover quickly after their critical incident. Either as a group or in partnership with local agencies, they prepare for and respond to critical incidents. This may be mobilizing due to a declared State of Emergency, or for assisting an individual property owner.

Below are some examples:
Tornado: Tree and debris clean-up, roadways, or individually owned property and contents.
Flooding: Sandbagging, removal of personal property items and/or gutting (down to studs) of homes so rebuilding can begin.
Fire: Depending on extent and homeowner needs, we can offer the above responses or help connect them with local resources.
Auxiliary Support: Assist local agencies/first responders with manpower for missing persons search, training exercises, or traffic control (non-recreational/entertainment).
Nationwide Partnerships: Linking arms with more prominent organizations, responding to large disasters across the United States (such as Hurricane Ian in FL, and tornadoes in MS).
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): In all the above, we have trained members to provide CISM communication techniques, a type of mental health first-aid, to guide individuals in processing the incident, helping prevent long-term mental health issues.

When Ready Team leadership is notified of a situation, they evaluate the type of response requested with our mission, resources, and capabilities. In addition, we scrutinize each event with consideration of local businesses to avoid potential interference with local economy.

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Joan Miller has been working closely with the leadership committee and team members to build a firm foundation for the Ready Team; to serve our community and bring glory to God.

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