Experiencing God, March 17, 2024

Lost – Part 1 | Pastor Karl Hanson

Pastor Karl starts a new series on being ‘Lost’ with God. What causes our hearts to wander away from God? Jesus offers several parables on what it looks like to be lost (but also found) with God.

Experiencing God, February 4, 2024

Root & Fruit: To Be Born | Pastor Karl Hanson

Have you ever thought what it means to be born again – not in a literal sense, but a spiritual one? When we pursue God, there’s a point where we are born again. Pastor Karl’s message explores what it means to be recognized by God.

Empowered for the One, December 24, 2023

Holy Ground | Pastor Karl Hanson

Merry Christmas! Pastor Karl brings the message on the importance of being on God’s holy ground. What did that mean in the Bible and how does it apply today

The 2nd, December 3, 2023

Content in the Waiting | Pastor Dan McCauley

What happens when our timeline doesn’t seem to match up with God’s? How do we learn to be content waiting on the Lord? Pastor Dan explains how God is still moving even when we cannot see it.