The 165, March 13, 2022

Get Under | Pastor Dan McCauley

What is truth and how does it relate to your experiences? Hint: it doesn’t. Absolute truth comes from God. Pastor Dan McCauley helps us separate beliefs from truth.

The 165, March 6, 2022

The 165 | Alone…Not by Design

Pastor Karl kicks off our new series ‘The 165’ with a message on being alone. Humans were not created to be alone, but often that’s how it feels. What does the Bible call us into as God’s children?

Stand, February 27, 2022

Stand | Stand in Faith

Pastor Karl journeys deeper into our theme of ‘Stand.’ What exactly is faith and how do we stand in it? We’ll explore how to push through the obstacles to focus on Jesus.

Stand, February 6, 2022

Stand | Stand in Righteousness

What is righteousness? What does it mean to stand in it from a biblical perspective? Pastor Karl explored what happens when even one person chooses to stand in righteousness.

Stand, January 30, 2022

Stand | God, This Much We Want You

We’re in the final stretch of our 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer. Pastor Adam Norlander, from our South campus, uses the books of Nehemiah and Ezra to give guidance and strength to our continued fast.

Stand, January 23, 2022

Stand | How to Fight in Your Stance

As we continue to press in during our church-wide fast and prayer, Pastor Karl explores what it means to ‘fight’ and what stance we need to do it effectively for God.

Stand, January 16, 2022

Stand | The True Fast

We welcome Pastor Kim Buckman from our Eau Claire campus today. Why are we fasting? What did fasting look like in Biblical times? Join us as he dives into ‘The True Fast.’

Stand, January 9, 2022

Stand | Time to Stand

As we continue expounding on our 2022 theme of ‘Stand,’ Pastor Karl helps to define what the Bible says about standing in the midst of chaos. What do your storms look like? How do you stand in them?

Stand, January 2, 2022

Stand | New Year, Same Pursuit

We kick off this New Year with a new theme: Stand. Pastor Karl leads us into our Harvestime-wide 40 Days of Fasting & Prayer. Are you ready?