1. Utterances are Useless without a clear sense Vs 6 – 12

  1. Examples of what is happening in the church service
    1. Utterances (tongues)
    2. Revelation instruction disclosure of truth
    3. Knowledge More advanced study of the christian faith
    4. Prophesying disclosure of divine mysteries
    5. Doctrine an utterance which took the form of instruction
      1. The church is still starting and there are not a lot of false doctrines, but they are coming and Paul will deal with them in some of his other letters.
  2. Meaning clear as a musical instrument cannot be understood unless it is clear. Vs 7,8
  3. Notice the bite in the words they would not understand Vs 9
    1. Filling the air with empty words
  4. They would not understand any better than someone speaking a foreign language. Vs 10
    1. he is not saying all tongues are foreign languages, he is saying someone speaking a foreign language has meaning to the speaker, but not the hearer.
    2. If it don’t grasp the meaning of what is being said, then we are all foreigners to each other.
  5. Excel in gifts that build up the body Vs 12

2. The Application Vs 13 – 19

  1. Let him who speaks in a tongue pray that they may interpret. Vs 13
    1. Only interpretation can edify.
    2. He is not speaking against tongues, but uninterrupted tongues
  2. Paul’s personal statement Vs 14
    1. Mind does not benefit when he prays in tongues.
    2. His own spirit is praying as the Spirit gives utterance
  3. Paul prays and praises in tongues and in intelligible speech Vs 15
  4. For… a transition from private to corporate Vs 16a
  5. If you are praising in tongues, how can another say Amen to what is being said. Vs 16b
    1. The people in the service cannot agree with what is being said if they cannot understand.
    2. They don’t have the gift of tongues or the interpretation.
  6. Here is why the situation is unacceptable Vs 17
    1. You may be praising God, but the other person is not being edified.
    2. Giving thanks is good, but that is not enough
      1. We need to come together to praise God, but we also have to come together to be edified.
  7. Paul talks in tongues more than any of them. Vs 18
    1. So what!!!!
  8. When it comes to the assembly Vs 19
    1. The critical question is not “do you speak in tongues”?
    2. The critical question is “What is appropriate in the assembly”
    3. 5 intelligible words are to be preferred over against 10,000 words in a tongue

3. The Application for Unbelievers. Vs 20 – 25

  1. Don’t be children in your thinking 20a
    1. He is not saying tongues are childish
    2. Their thinking is childish
  2. In evil be babies, but in your thinking be mature.
    1. Think about the problems that are in the church and you think you are mature because you speak in tongues?
  3. He quotes Isaiah 28 and their mockery of Isaiah’s message.
  4. Tongues a sign for unbelievers Vs 22a
    1. They will see your tongues and think you are mad Vs 23
  5. Prophesy is a sign for God’s presence among people. Vs 22b
    1. A sign of God’s presence among the people.
  6. The results of Prophecy in your midst Vs 24, 25
    1. The unbeliever is
      1. Convicted
      2. Judged
      3. Repent and say God is among you.

4. Self Control is the proper order int he worship service 26 – 33

IMPORTANT: Paul is not giving us instruction of how to do a church service.  He is correcting problems in the Corinthians services.

  1. Let’s summarize what we know Vs 26
    1. Each one had a function when they came together
    2. Remember, they are leaderless as they are all following other leaders and rejecting the others resulting in competition among them as to who is the most spiritual.
  2. The problem child Tongues Vs 27
    1. It is not to dominate the assembly
    2. The tongues should be done in order one at a time.
  3. If there is no interpreter, then they need to be silent. Vs 28
  4. Two or three prophets should speak Vs 29a (Paul moves from tongues to prophecy)
    1. What was said must be discerned if it was from God or not. Vs 29b
    2. Don’t go over three people before you discern what is said.
  5. Esteem each other Vs 30 This has to do with their competition with each other.
  6. Prophecy is for everyone and we can all do it. Vs 31
    1. It doesn’t say all possess the gift, but the potential is there for everyone.
  7. Gifts are subject to the the person Vs 32
  8. Why? It all relates to the character of God Vs 33
    1. Peace is not quietness
    2. Peace is esteeming others and pursuing a christian unity between each other.

5. Final Instruction Vs 34 – 40

  1. Women be silent Vs 34
    1. We already received instruction on how they are to talk in the assembly (See 11: 5)
    2. Don’t challenge men in their teaching in public
    3. Wait to come home and find the answer
    4. Be submissive
      1. See Ephesians 5: 12
  2. Critical of the Corinthians when they are thinking they are setting the pace spiritually Vs 36
  3. Recognize the authority Paul has from God Himself Vs 37
    1. A real spiritual man will recognize the authority that Paul is talking about.
    2. Failure to recognize spiritual authority is failure to recognize God himself. Vs 38
  4. Three part summary Vs 39, 40
    1. Eagerly desire to prophesy
    2. Do not forbid speaking in tongues
      1. No limit on private usage
      2. In fellowship only with interpretation
    3. Everything done in a fitting and orderly way
      1. To behave properly (See 1 Thessalonians 4: 12)
      2. Order is the exact opposite of disorder