We are looking at the use of spiritual gifts in the life of the church body.

  1. Paul has stressed that we are all part of the same body of believers
  2. He has stressed that we have to prefer each other above ourselves
  3. If we are not walking in Love (God Himself) we are nothing.
  1. Eagerly Desire
  1. Let Love be your goal Vs 1
    1. Love is God so desire Him over His gifts.
    2. The desire should be Jesus rather than spiritual gifts
      1. The desire for gifts could really lead to spiritual pride.
    3. We need to ask ourselves why we want these gifts manifest.
      1. We have not because we ask not.  When we ask, we want to spend it on our selfishness. James 4: 3
  2. Eagerly Desire to Prophesy
    1. This wasn’t a suggestion
    2. It was a command to eagerly desire the gift
    3. Especially prophecy
    4. Prophecy is about building up the church which is the main goal of walking in love
  3. Serving others also has to do with timing
    1. A prophet has a desire to serve and also does it.
    2. This takes a step of faith to be able to move in this gifting

2. To move in the gift of prophesy, you must be able to answer these questions (From Dr. Carolyn Tennant)

  1. When do I give this?  Think and pray about when to give this.this was not a suggestion
  2. What method do I use? Verbally, writing, preaching…
  3. To Whom should you give it?  The whole church?  One Person?
  4. How hard do you give a word?  They make every word sound like thunder.
  5. It doesn’t have to be formalized.  Thus saith the Lord…We don’t use that when we pastor people. “Thus saith the Lord I am going to teach now” If it is for someone then they know it was from God.
  6. It can be very natural…at a lunch…or a meeting…or a phone call.
  7. Don’t always speak what is wrong, speak what is truth and show people the direction to go.
  8. Working in the prophetic through…
    1. Visions
    2. Symbolic act
    3. Simile and metaphor or pictures
    4. Dreams
    5. Stories
    6. Prophetic praying, worship and writing, painting, drama
    7. There is variety in the Bible.

3. Dangers of working in the prophetic (Also from Carolyn Tennant)

  1. They are becoming unteachable
  2. Lack of humility and brokenness
  3. Narrowness of functioning.
  4. Problems with power and lording it over others
  5. Acting as if they have an “in” with God
  6. What if someone comes against you?
  7. Getting down.  Thinking of self being self conscious instead of focusing on God.
  8. Not submitting to other leadership or other prophets.  We are not out there for ourselves
  9. There are directions for spiritual housecleaning that will keep our attitude right. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16 – 22
    1. Always be joyful
    2. Never stop praying
    3. Be thankful in all circumstances for this is God’s will concerning you who belong to Christ Jesus
    4. Do not stifle the Holy Spirit
      1. Word picture of a flame that can be extinguished
      2. We can also grieve the Holy Spirit by the way we live . (See Ephesians 4: 30)
      3. What about people moving in the gifts of the spirit?
        1. Must be under the leadership of the church
        2. Attitude is of love and serving others
      4. Even is Spirit is stifled, we can fan it back into a flame. (See 2 Timothy 1: 6)
    5. Do not scoff at prophecies.
    6. Test everything that is said
      1. Hold onto what is good
    7. Stay away from every kind of evil