If we are going to live as light in a dark world, we cannot be afraid of the darkness.

  1. Present body cannot inherit our heavenly existence. Vs 50, 51
  1. This present body is subject to decay, rules out all possibility for eternal longevity.
    1. This life fits perfectly int he sphere where the earth is also wearing out.
  2. Change first then immortality Vs 51
    1. A mystery is revealed to the people
    2. Some people will be alive at the return of Christ.
    3. All must be transformed to bear the likeness of Christ.
      1. Holiday Feast of Tabernacles
      2. We are a “Sukkot” or temporary shelter of what we will be one day.
      3. We are to notice the decay that happens throughout the week
      4. We are to look up at the heavens
      5. Pray for the rains of the Holy Spirit.
    4. Again Paul presses home the point that none of us have arrived.

2. There will be a “CATCHING AWAY”

  1. In a split second, at the blink of an eye
  2. The last trumpet will sound signaling the end.
  3. Along with the resurrected, the living will be changed
  4. No real separation of events-they will all occur at the same time.
  5. More Details in 1 Thessalonians 4: 13 – 18 which was written at the same time as Corinthians
    1. Do not grieve like those who have no hope Vs 13
      1. Same problem Corinthians are having as they are struggling with the thought, “Is there a resurrection of the dead?”
    2. Same answer as the Corinthians, Jesus rose so he will bring back those who have also died. Vs 14
    3. We who are living will not proceed before those who have ‘fallen asleep” Vs 15
    4. The voice and the trumpet will sound. Vs 16
      1. Dead in Christ will rise first
    5. We will meet God int he air Vs 17
    6. Encourage each other with these words. Vs 18

3. The closing of the argument. Vs 53

  1. To enter the final heavenly existence, you must have transformed bodies.
  2. Decay and death brought by the first Adam will be irrevocably broken by the second Adam

4. The ending result of this will be…

  1. Death will be abolished
  2. No more can death tyrannize because it has been swallowed up by resurrection
  3. This is why this chapter is vital in conquering the fear of death.  It is almost like we are saying, “Take that death”.
  4. This is a quote from Isaiah 25: 8
  5. It will be fulfilled at the resurrection when God will abolish death forever.

5. Paul taunts death. Vs 55

  1. Death is a spirit not a thing Revelation 20: 14
  2. Paul uses Hosea 13: 14 to taunt death
    1. Since death is conquered, it can no longer conquer
    2. Death was a beast with a sting that killed
    3. Once the sting is removed, the power to conquer is gone
  3. Sin is the deadly poison which leads to death

6. Final Doxology Vs 57

  1. Gratitude to God through Jesus Christ, for victory over sin and the law, which leads to death
  2. Christ is the one through whom God accomplished the triumph

7. The final word of exhortation Vs 58

  1. In spite of a warped theology, they are still loved by him
  2. Therefore let nothing move you
    1. don’t shift away from the Gospel which you heard.
    2. This is the meaning of the words strong and immovable
  3. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord—those activities which promote the interest of the gospel
    1. We are never called to hide away from others and wait to get out of here
  4. Our labor in the Lord is never in vain.

Saint: No matter how it appears, our present existence in Christ and our  present labors int he Lord are not in vain.  Know that death’s doom is “already” but “not yet” Jesus, at His resurrection set in motion something that cannot be changed–our resurrection.  What a blessed hope we have in Him.  the believer in Christ must have a fixed attitude.  Only with this kind of “fixed attitude” are we able to ‘abound in His work” with no fear