We are at the final division of Corinthians which is also the conclusion of the letter.

We have come a great distance

  1. Jealousy
  2. Sensuality
  3. Earthly Wisdom
  4. Social corruption invading the church
  5. Paul’s desire for them to focus on the heavenlies where we are raised and seated with Christ.

REMEMBER:  There were no chapter divisions in this letter so Paul is just going from one topic of concern to another.

Paul just spent the last few verses talking about the power of the resurrection and complete victory over sin death and hell, now he talks about “the collection”  Imagine doing this topic on an Easter Sunday.  this collection for Jerusalem was a concern for Paul because he mentions it in Romans 15: 27 also.

Chapter 16

  1. Concerning the collection Vs 1 – 4
  1. Request for funds?
    1. If wee see a collection as asking for money, we miss the point.
    2. He is talking about the resurrection of Jesus and our response to that resurrection.
      1. One of our ways of saying thanks to what God has done for us.
      2. When we use these monies to minister to others, we are in fact ministering to God Himself.
  2. Instructions concerning the offering Vs 2
    1. Collected on the first day of the week
    2. this is the day they set aside for worship
      1. Sabbath moved to Sunday here
    3. Something set side from “whatever success or prosperity may have come their way that week
    4. So when I come, no collection will have to be made
  3. Church should choose trustworthy men to take the money to Jerusalem Vs 3
  4. not a lot of information about Christian stewardship here.
    1. Will see more when he answerers their questions in 2 Corinthians 8: 1 – 15 and 9: 6 – 15
    2. We can discern some facts here
      1. Giving done a weekly basis
      2. The money set aside
      3. the Lord has prospered them
      4. No pressure, no gimmicks trying to produce emotion

2. Paul’s itinerary 5 – 11

  1. I will come to you Vs 5
  2. Paul is extremely eager to spend considerable time with them. Vs 6, 7
    1. He is hoping to spend the winter with them
    2. After Corinth, he is not sure where he will go. Vs 7
    3. Special Note.  Paul admits that his plans are always open to interruption from the Lord. Like us, he view of what God’s will is is limited
  3. I plan to stay in Ephesus until Pentecost. Vs 8
    1. This would be like our saying “I will come to you in mid spring”
  4. The door has opened for me great and effective 9a
    1. There are many who oppose me 9b
      1. This is all that is stated
      2. The opposition could be the riots in Ephesus Acts 19: 23 – 41
      3. Evangelism flourishes under fierce opposition
      4. Don’t miss what God is doing because we are so focused on the opposition.
  5. Paul is concerned about Timothy’s reception 10
    1. See 4: 17
    2. See to it he has nothing to fear while he is visiting you.
    3. Warning. Don’t treat him with contempt.
    4. Paul is going to visit them sudden and unexpected, we will see this in 2 Corinthians.  It is not a good visit and it may have happened because of something Timothy told him

3. The Coming of Apollos Vs 12

  1. He was not willing to come because of the internal strife that is happening at Corinth.
  2. Paul refers to Apollos who waters what Paul plants 3: 6
  3. Paul is encouraging Apollos to come even though it will cause problems.

4. Concluding Matters 13 – 18

  1. Be watchful and alert.
    1. the Lord’s return which he just talked about
    2. With regard to the enemy
  2. Stand firm in the faith
    1. Extreme trust
  3. Be courageous in the face of danger and in the face of inner fighting
  4. Be strong and mighty
    1. Stand against the childishness that is happening
  5. Love must be the governing force (See Chapter 13)
    1. Quarreling about leadership
    2. Personal attitudes towards the Apostle
    3. Lawsuits
    4. Husband and wife relationships
    5. Abuse of the weak by those who have “knowledge”
    6. Abuses at the Lord’s table
    7. Abuses over spiritual gifts by not edifying the church
    8. Real love will not allow this to happen