1 Corinthians 14:1 – “Pursue love and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.”

  • In context of 1 Corinthians 12 & 13 spiritual gifts, and prophecy specifically are there for the demonstration of love.
  • “Desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy” God does not tell us to do something but then limit it so only some can have access to it.


Scripturally, prophecy is a gift that is available to every believer

  • Moses foreshadows God’s heart that all believers should prophesy
    • Numbers 11:29 – “Are you jealous for my sake? Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets, that the lord would put his Spirit on them.”
  • Peter also speaks forth God’s heart regarding prophecy after Pentecost
    • Acts 2:16-18


Jesus moved in revelatory information (prophetic, words of knowledge, words of wisdom)

  • I speak what I hear the Father saying – John 12:49


Revelatory Information reveals the mind of God to us. It is information, understanding and discernment from God.

  • Words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and prophecy are the primary gifts that all flow through revelation


Words of Knowledge

  • A Word of Knowledge is knowledge of a fact or truth that comes from the spiritual realm. It’s often something the person could not know in the natural.
  • Words of knowledge can be in several areas: something physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, etc
  • How are words of knowledge are used in ministry:
    • A word of knowledge can be the key that opens the door to minister to someone. Example: Jesus and the woman at the well – John 4
    • A word of knowledge can be used to reveal an area that needs healing (physical, emotional, spiritual)
    • A word of knowledge can give you context for how God wants to prophesy to someone.

The prophetic connects with words of knowledge in the sense that often a word of knowledge provides context that the prophetic word is meant to speak to.



  • Prophecy is a gift of revelation but it also has a grace upon it where our words are inspired by the heart of God.
  • Prophecy is words spoken under inspiration that reveal God’s mind and heart for a person, community, or situation. It is generally used to strengthen, encourage and comfort the body. But can also be used for correction, direction, and warning.
  • Prophecy generally falls into two categories: Inspirational and revelatory
    • Inspirational Prophecy – The root of it is speaking by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of building up, encouraging, and consoling the people of God.
    • Revelatory Prophecy – A more weighty form of prophecy that requires a higher level of maturity in the prophetic, a proven track record in prophecy, and/or relational equity. Revelatory prophecy includes areas like a word of correction, direction, and warning for a person or group.
  • Timing and prophetic words – Sometimes we are hold that prophecy and the Lord won’t have you release the prophecy until later on because He needs to do a work prior.
  • Speaking in faith to see grace released – When speaking forth a prophetic word we are speaking it forth in faith regardless of if it is the reality of the person’s situation at the time. As we speak it forth in faith that lines up with the heart of God grace comes alongside the prophetic word and empowers it to come to fruition.
  • Prophecy releases God’s heart for a situation, and a word of knowledge can provide the situation that God wants to address.


Words of Wisdom

  • A Word of Wisdom brings the prophecy or word of knowledge into the practical realm. It shapes how the word of prophecy or word of knowledge should be delivered or what the person should do in agreement with the word.
  • Sometimes there needs to be action with a prophetic word. God brings words of wisdom to give direction on how to walk that out.


Recognizing Words

  • Usually people have to learn to recognize words from the Lord more than start getting them.
  • Learn to catch the first thought, we often ignore thoughts because it may be faint. We often are looking for a dramatic experience but often times its a quick faint word. God often speaks from the inside out cause He lives in us.


Ways of Receiving Words

  • Seeing
    • A mental picture of something
    • Often requires interpretation
    • For healing, it can often be a body part or an injury
    • (Physically, Spiritually internally (a picture on the screen of your mind) and externally)
  • Feeling
    • If you feel a shift in your emotions when praying for someone often times it might be a word for them
    • The same emotions as someone else
    • Physical sensations of pain in your body that are not your own (sympathy pain)
  • Hearing
    • Words that pass through your mind (thinking back to a conversation)
    • Hearing the audible voice of God
  • Reading
    • Seeing words written upon someone or over someone
  • Knowing
    • An inner feeling or knowing about a specific issue
    • Feels very similar to a conviction or a hunch
    • A knowing in your spirit
  • Speaking
    • Words that just tumble out of your mouth as you are speaking
    • Words that seem to bypass your mind – often you’re surprised you even said them.
    • Often times this happens as we step out and start to share the initial thing the Lord gives us God then fills our mouth with the rest. “Open your mouth and I will fill it” As you step out and start speaking the words just start to flow.


As you learn to recognize these subtle promptings, practice stepping out to develop your ability to hear God speaking to you. As you practice, you will learn to recognize when it is God and when it is you.


How to steward this well and grow in it

  • Intimacy
  • You’ll get out of this what you put into it