Paul is using some time to.  Warn the Corinthians about the teachings of the “Super Apostles”

1. Paul’s Concern for the Corinthians Congregation.

  1. They are deceiving the Corinthians like Satan deceived Eve
  2. Paul warns about the abuse that these apostles are using on the Apostles.
    1. They are making sure that the people serve their own needs rather than serving them
    2. They are taking their money
    3. They are more concerned about outward actions rather than changed hearts.
  3. Paul is sharing the hardships that he went through because of his desire to serve the Corinthians.
  4. His zeal is based on his his vision of heaven
  5. To stay humble in this he does battle a thorn in his flesh.
  6. In all of these actions, Paul apologizes that he is even talking about them because the only thing he wants to glory in is his knowledge of who Jesus is.
  7. The people set up idols in their hearts and because of it, God allowed idolatrous people to be over them.  (See Ezekiel 14:  3)

2. Corinthians should have recognized Paul’s Authority Vs 11 – 13

  1.   I should not have spoken my own praises Vs 11
  2. The signs of an Apostle are signs, wonders and miracles. Vs 12
    1. First sign is changed lives. His life is the prime example (1 Timothy 1: 13)
    2. Miracle of incredible patience in the problems that Paul has endured.
    3. Signs are also the charismatic gifts that are present in the church in Corinth
    4. The important thing is that all of these signs are outside the range human capability.
      1. Gifts done by the power of the Holy Ghost according to His will.
  3. The Corinthians thought they were worse off than the rest of the Congregations Vs 13

3. I seek not yours, but you Vs 14 – 18

  1. Paul had two visits, one between the two letters that went bad.
  2. I will not be a burden to you when I visit Vs 14
    1. Even with all the accusations, Paul wants them, not something from them.
  3. Paul is speaking as a Father to his children. Vs 14, 15
    1. I am your spiritual father
    2. I will do the spending and I will be spent.  Paul is literally saying, I don’t care if you like me or not, I am going to spend myself on your behalf.  The more he loves them, the more they hate him.  The only real motivation is that they would love God.
  4. The purpose of the offering Vs 16
    1. Paul did not take any offering from them, but now they are challenging him by asking how much he is going to pocket from the offering they collected for Jerusalem.
    2. There is no doubt that they want to get their hands on this money.
  5. Paul’s character is shown in those he sent to the Corinthians on his behalf Vs 17, 18

4. Paul will edify them to lead them to repentance.  Vs 19 – 21

  1. Paul is not making excuses Vs 19
    1. Notice the word beloved.  There is something to learn about how we treat our enemies here.
    2. Paul’s desire is to build them up and edify them.
  2. What went on during his absence Vs 20
    1. Debates = contentions
    2. Envying so = rivalries
    3. Wraths = outburst of anger
    4. Strifes = factions
    5. Backbiting = defamation of character or evil speaking
    6. Whisperings = secret slanderings
    7. Swelling = pride, loftiness
    8. Tumulus = disorder and confusion.
  3. Beyond that, there is no repentance among them. Vs 21
    1. he once found them unfaithful and fears he may do it again.
    2. His passion over their lack of repentance.
    3. Some have quit the practice, but still have not repented over their past actions.