2 Corinthians 2:14 – 17 Ministers of a New Covenant

  1. Looking Back at Church Discipline


  1. What Church discipline is not?
    1. Ordering People to get in line.
    2. Making people follow man made rules which are adding to the Bible.
  1. What it is.
    1. Finding those who are trapped by their sin and setting them free. Galatians 6: 1
    2. Finding those who are in fire of hell and pulling them out. Jude 22
    3. Finding those who have been blinded by the the god of this age 2 Corinthians 4: 4
  1. Attitude of those coming to others
    1. Realize we have a board in our own eye Matthew 7: 3 – 5
    2. Those who are spiritual should restore them.Galatians 6: 1
      1. Who are the spiritual? Galatians 5: 22 -26
    3. Those who are willing to extend mercy Jude 22
    4. Gently restore them 2 Timothy 2: 25 – 26
  2. What about treating those like a sinner who refuse discipline? Matthew 18: 17
    1. How did Jesus treat tax collectors and sinners?
    2. 2 Corinthians 2: 8 reaffirm your love for them
    3. Colossians 4: 5, 6
      1. Live wisely among unbelievers
      2. Conversation gracious and attractive
      3. Have right response

2. Triumphal Procession Vs 14

  1. Paul was worried about about what was happening in Corinth Vs 13
    1. We are not immune to the attacks and concerns of life around us.
    2. The problem they were experiencing affected the whole church.
      1. This could be the prosecution that was beginning in the area
      2. Other than that, we do not know what was happening
  2. Paul heard what was happening from Titus in Macedonia and was encouraged
  3. We have triumph in Christ
    1. In Roman times captives were lead behind the victor in a parade
    2. We are those captives (Trophies in Christ conquest of sin, death, and hell)
    3. In a parade incense and flowers where cast in front of the conquering general
      1. We have that aroma in our lives because of Christ.

3. We are the aroma of Christ Vs 15, 16

  1. We do not possess the aroma, we are the aroma.
    1. We cannot turn it on and off at our will
    2. We don’t give out the truth of Jesus, we are that truth being lived out in front of others.
    3. We don’t just give out words, we live out the essence of Christ
  2. We are part of the being of Christ because we do not possess an aroma ourselves
  1. Two results of those around us.
    1. To the unsaved
      1. Every contact is a change in their lives.
      2. We are brining them closer to this knowledge or farther away.
        1. Hebrews 4: 6, 7 Do not harden your hearts
        2. Proverbs 29: 1 hardened hearts will be destroyed.
    2. To the Believers
      1. Challenge of entering all the way and not falling short.
      2. We don’t willfully say no to Christ, we just don’t do anything.
      3. Knowledge of aroma is not necessarily through more teaching, but through a spiritual awakening through following Christ.
      4. As we follow, we are the aroma to others.
    3. Who is equal to such a task?
      1. We are sharing repent or face judgement wherever we go
      2. We need the Holy Spirit to be able to live this life out.
      3. Repentance and obedience

4. We do not peddle the gospel Vs 17

  1. We are not trying to trick people and get notches in our Bible
  2. The gospel is not a popularity contest.
  3. People who are using the Bible for financial gain will not confront those caught in their sin.
  4. We have to have our inner motives checked by the Holy Spirit
  5. Knowledge that we are in the presence of God constantly.