We are looking at the area of giving in order to meet the need in Jerusalem

The example that he used in giving is the Macedonian church

  1. Under intense trials they were still able to give
  2. They were excited at the opportunity
  3. They gave of themselves first

Now we will see the other example of why we should give.

  1. The Second Example of Giving Jesus Christ Vs 9
  1. The extreme example of giving is Jesus Christ.
    1. Though he was rich before birth
    2. This is proof of the existence of Jesus Christ before the birth in Mary’s womb.
  2. He entered into poverty
    1. Not that he possessed little on this earth
      1. Foxes have holes birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head. (Matthew 8: 20)
    2. He became man
    3. Poverty is always worse when we were once rich.
  3. For our sakes
    1. Because it shows us the giving heart of God
    2. Because it shows us the relative importance of material things
    3. Because it makes Jesus open and accessible to all
  4. We have become rich in Jesus Christ.
    1. We possess a fountain that can never run dry
    2. We are rich in His promises.

2. The Trinity in serving each other.

  1. The example of Jesus goes deeper than becoming a man.  It is just an example of how they interacted with each other in eternity.
    1. If I do not go away the Holy Spirit will not come John 16: 7
    2. When Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit came and the Father spoke Luke 3: 21, 22
    3. Jesus said he only spoke what the Father wanted Him to speak and he only did what the father did
    4. the Holy Spirit searches our lives and shares the mind of God 1Corinthians 2: 10b – 11
  2. Perichoresis
    1. the Godhead indwells each other
    2. They make room for each other
    3. No absorption of the other but to make room for each other.
      1. The Holy Spirit will take what is mine and make it known to you. John 16: 14
    4. We are called into that same relationship
      1. I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me. John 17: 21
      2. Many feel that Christianity is just a group of sheep, but we still retain our individuality.  Not an organization with clogs in a wheel, but a body where each part does its function
        1. We are called to be a living organism not a fighting machine
          1. Give permission for other Christians to be different from us
          2. This is in spiritual gifts as we make way for each other in their use.
      3. What does this look like?
        1. Make them holy (sanctify) by your truth (Bible). Vs 17
          1. Some feel that their spiritual gifts are superior to the Bible
            1. EXAMPLE: Two people going to different countries over a prophetic word
            2. EXAMPLE: leave husband and family and go to mission field
          2. Word of God is the sanctifying agent.
          3. We work with God as we make room for his word in our lives.
          4. As we become busier, we no longer make room in our lives for the word
            1. EXAMPLE: rose from 40 – 47% no time to read the Bible in the last year.
        2. Sanctification is the process of giving the Holy Spirit room to work in our lives.
      4. Perichoresis
        1. peri  = around
        2. khoreia = make room for rotation around dance.
        3. A dance needs unity of the two partners, but it also needs a leader.
        4. We are called to make room for each other as God orchestrates this dance in our lives.
        5. We make room for him to move
          1. Spiritual gifts used as room is made for each gift in the service.
          2. EXAMPLE:  what I thought was a word to share now becomes irrelevant as a different flow happens.
      5. A unity that will allow the world to know we are Christian is to give way to each other and to the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  We then fulfill the dance that God is orchestrating.
      6. Take my Yoke upon you and let me teach you.  Matthew 11: 29
        1. In the area of being like Jesus and in a synchronized dance.  A teacher is not the one full of knowledge and pouring it into us in a lecture.
        2. Teaching is
          1. Evaluating what is happening
          2. Share truth
          3. So change can happen
        3. Example of the Emmaus Road. Luke 24
          1. Discussing truth Vs 13 – 16
          2. Jesus appeared to them and wasn’t recognized.  He walked with them (Choreography)
          3. They kept talking and were sharing truth of the resurrection, but only head knowledge. Vs 19 – 24
          4. Jesus shared truth that caused burning Vs 25 – 27, 32
          5. When they made room for Him, they had a revelation Vs 28, 29

3. Jesus as an example. Give what you are called to as we move with Jesus.