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1.  Paul’s Confidence in their willingness to give. Vs 1, 2

  1. Although it is not needed, Paul writes to the Corinthians about their need to give.
    1. Paul may be using sarcasm here again because he has written two chapters about this subject
  2. The problem is they were enthusiastic about wanting to give, but now they are not ready
  3. There is a truth here about the desire to bless Israel in its need
    1. Acts 11: 29 tells about Antioch also giving to help Jerusalem.
    2. Matthew 25
  1. Once again he mentions the Macedonian churches who have already given.
    1. Thessalonica
    2. Phillipi
    3. Berea

2. Paul is sending Titus to receive offering Vs 3 – 5

  1. The problem is not their wanting to give, but their organization in getting the money together.
  2. Don’t make the boasting that I have said about you become a lie
    1. Some Macedonians were coming with Paul and he wants the Macedonians to see what Paul was talking about.
  1. Key here was not even the problem of how much they were giving Vs 5
    1. Were you giving grudgingly or with a generous heart?
    2. Remember our example of Jesus giving.  He does not give grace with a little finger and the rest of his hand closed.
    3. Coventousness would be giving with a greedy sad heart
    4. Blessing is found when done with a generous and eager heart.
    5. Paul is emphasizing the blessings of Christian liberality.

3. Liberal Giving is Blessed of God Vs 6 – 11

  1. I am not pressing you to give but:
    1. Consider the principle of planting. Vs 6
      1. Proverbs 11: 24, 25
        1. In freely giving a person obtains more
        2. Withholding can and will lead to poverty
        3. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. (NIV)
      2. Paul is  impressing Hebrew ethics on the Corinthians.
  1. A farmer may feel like he is using his seed when he puts it into the ground
    1. We don’t see this because we know seed will grow.
    2. Do we know that our resources giving to good ground will also produce a harvest?
    3. Matthew 19: 29 There is nothing we can give that will not be returned in some way, shape or form.
  2. Giving needs a right heart Vs 7
    1. Temple had two boxes for giving   One was for the required by law giving, the second was for alms for the poor.  Those without a cheerful heart will not giving in the second box.
    2. God loves a cheerful giver
    3. Ananias and Sapphira are examples of givers but not cheerful.
    4. Hilarious is another word for cheerful giving.  This comes out of people whoa re not bound to give.
    5. Again the example of Christ and his cheerfulness of giving.  For the joy set before him, he endured the cross.
  1. The right kind giving will always be blessed Vs 8
    1. He can provide “all”
      1. always having
      2. all sufficiency
      3. in all things
      4. in all good works
    2. He is able indicates the power of God to accomplish this.
      1. His grace is always abundant and enriching
      2. His grace leads to increase and not decrease
      3. Gracious giving is opposite of grading and forced giving.

Everything you need

      1. Contentment is shown by our shopping habits.
      2. Are we trying to fill needs in our lives.
  1. Paul quotes Psalm 112: 9
  2. Who is the one who gives us the seed that we plant anyway. Vs 10
    1. We don’t have anything we did not receive in the first place.
    1. The principle
      1. One person sows
      2. Another person eats the fruit of that sowing
      3. God ultimately supplies seed and bread.
  1. Vs 11 We have no idea how big the gift of the Macedonians was compared to the need.  That does not really matter as God is able to make it grow.  He is looking for the heart and what can happen in helping others and in turn inside our own lives.

4.  Liberal giving will Cause the recipients to give a blessing Vs 12 – 15

  1. Liberality is a ministry which has a two fold effect Vs 12
    1. Material—filling up what is lacking to the poor with regard to the necessities of life
    2. Spiritual—it gives praise and glory to God
    3. While it ministers to physical needs, it causes people to glorify God.
  2. The offering services as the proof of the genuine love of the Corinthians Vs 13
    1. James 2: 14 faith and works
    2. Proof to the people of Jerusalem (did they hear about what was happening in Corinth?)
  3. They are praying for the Corinthians Vs 14
    1. Not gossiping about their problems.
  4. God’s gift of Christ Jesus brings to an end all debate on giving. Vs 15
    1. Jesus is the divine gift which inspires all other gifts
    2. It is beyond our comprehension.
    3. If God so loved…we ought to love others 1 John 4: 11