Luke 5

Abiding isn’t something we add to our list of things to do; It is the list

John 1 – Just because you encounter Jesus doesn’t mean that you are Abiding with Him.  Satan saw God, but chose not to Abide.

  • Andrew
  • Simon (Peter)
  • Philip
  • Nathaniel (the guy with no fault)

Abiding has to be more than waiting for the next good thing.

Mark 1 – Jesus said “follow me” and they left their nets and followed Him.

  • We follow until something is required that we don’t like
  • We have to trust and continue to abide even when we don’t understand

The Point of Luke Chapter 5 –

  • Jesus told Peter to go fishing
    • at the wrong time
    • with too few people
  • Peter was awestruck at the miracle that he witnessed

If we make God too small we have no desire to stay with Him

  • God can’t awe us enough by what He does, but when we Abide in Him we will continue to be in awe of Who He Is.

Matthew 21 – Cornerstone

  • He is the one who keeps everything together
  • Abiding is giving up ourselves to rest in His Love
    • Moment by moment
  • As soon as we yeild ourselves to obey He gives us the strength to be able to do it

Peter went back to fishing and caught 157 fish.  157 = I Am God.