One of the verses that is a real problem for so many people when it comes to abiding

  1. Asking

John 15: 7, 8 But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!  When you produce much fruit you are my true disciples.  this brings great glory to my father.

How many have ever asked and it wasn’t done?

Doesn’t work or feel this verse is too good to be true.

KEY: God’s word remains in us.

2. Admit we miss it.

Talk to so many that hear from God all the time

Problem is when things don’t work out the way they thought, they have a problem with God and how he is working in our lives.

The image of what is going on in my life is not what I thought the finale would look like.  Depression can set in.

EXAMPLE: could it be that we hear wrong?  I don’t always hear what my wife is saying clearly.  My children don’t always get the meaning of what I am saying.  If this happens in our relationships with each other, how much more when we are trying to connect with the eternal God?

But I have a bible verse to support what I am doing.

EXAMPLE: Luke4: 9 – 12 Scripture says,…but it also says

Lose meaning of what god is trying to say to us when we take things out of context.

3. Experience doesn’t last.

Base what the Bible says and compare it to our experience.

Experiences can be incredible things and bring new direction in our lives, but as time and distance come into our lives they become less clear in their meaning and impact.

  1. Exodus 19: 8 And the people responded, We will do everything the Lord has commanded
  2. Exodus 24: 9 – 11 Elders ate in the presence of God
  3. Exodus 24: 14 Stay here and wait for us until we come back to you
    1. Hard to wait because we live in hours and God moves by calendars.
  4. They climbed back down the mountain and built a calf. Exodus 32: 8 how quickly they have turned away from he way I have commanded them.

Root of this?  Exodus 20: 19 – 21 we prefer to stand at a distance and have someone else speak for  God to us.

4. Bat Kol

There is a word for this called Bat Kol Which means an echo.rather than direct communication.

Many are satisfied with a Bat Kol Relationship with God as Pastor tell us what God wants to say to me or some other teacher.

WARNING: If the only word we get is filtered through another teacher, we are falling short of what God has for us and we will wander away from the experience we have with Him.

Look more at this next week.

God states if word of God dwells in us

1. Don’t hear it because our own ideas get in the way

2.  We base our dwelling on experience but time and distance make it fade

3. We choose to hear through others instead of directly

Matthew 16 Peter heard from God and Jesus said that on this ability to receive revelation, I will build up my congregation.

Bible says Jesus is the word of God becoming flesh among us.

Desperate need of this revelation rather than just, come on people read your Bible more.

5.  God will make a meal

Word of God like food we eat daily to nourish us.

Life is warfare and times we can feel overwhelmed, never know the Bible like you. Feel dry, fire going out, not a very good testimony and satan has robbed your peace all you want to do is climb into bed and never get out.

1 Kings 1: 19: 5 Elijah just wanted to sleep and die.  God appeared to him

Vs 7 Arise and eat because the journey is too hard for you.

Man does not live by bread alone but by my word

I am going to plant my word in you and make you who I want you to be.

you will receive Revelation and Jesus who is the word of God will dwell in you.