Don’t know if there is something called a Barak Spirit but I want to learn something from his life.

  1. Iron Chariots.

Judges 4: 1 – 3 The people turned from God t God and they were punished with a people with iron chariots

  1. Judges 1: 19 they could not drive them out because of the iron chariots
  2. Joshua 17: 18 they were promised to drive out the iron chariots.

People could no longer walk as they wanted because fear overwhelmed them Judges 5: 6

God is going to raise up a prophetic and Apostolic leader to defeat the enemy.

  1. Prophetic is Deborah Judges 4: 4, 5
  2. Apostolic is that one who goes into the darkness to try something new.
  3. Battle was already won before it even happened because of these two voices.

2. # 1 Partial victory

Judges 1: 19 they drove out the enemy and knew that God was the God of the mountains.

We can get used to the world the way it is.  Partial victory as we hide in our homes and lives.

We want to enjoy the blessings we have instead of bringing victory to those who do not have any hope.

EXAMPLE: During the great Welsh revival under the ministry of Evan Roberts, teen-agers prayed! They got tired of alcoholic dads beating mothers. They prayed the bars shut! The police wept and joined in the singing – and crime nearly stopped.

At the same time we don’t always see the end results of what is happening in our lives.

I hate 1/2 finished projects

3. Battle # 2 Placement

Vs 7 God told Barak specifically where to go because of the prayer closet.

Vs 7 God also called together the enemy to be destroyed.

Don’t like my positioning as I don’t like the place that I am placed at this moment.

Learned to be content wherever I am Philippians 4: 12

4.Battle # 3 Fame

Vs 8 I will only go if you go with me.

No desire to seek fame for himself, but only wanted victory for the people.

This is a battle for men but we need to realize that there is a limit to fame here.

EXAMPLE: Ali and all the fame he will ever have in his life.

5. Just Do it.

10,000 men against 900 chariots.

They went into the valley and left the mountains.  Went into enemy territory.

Reuben great indecision Vs 15

Gilead remained east of Jordan

Asher sat unmoved at the seashore.

Curse on Meroz for not doing anything to help Vs 23  they heard the trumpet and turned a deaf ear.

The victory rain.

Vs20, 21 the rains came and washed the chariots away like so much rust.

  1. No partial victory
  2. Trust where planted to produce.
  3. Battle of fame

Pray for marriages

Pray for Baraks and Deborahs