We are going to pull out a few things as we look at the offerings and feasts that are offered in Leviticus.

  1. Kingdom of Priests
  1. God desired all of Israel to be a kingdom of priests. Exodus 19: 6
    1. Stewards of the word of God
    2. Channels with which the word of God would be communicated to the world.
    3. All the world would be blessed through them.
  2. Original plan
    1. Firstborn son of each family was to be a priest
    2. More separated from Israel than others.
  3. The priesthood is called to point toward Jesus and the mediator of a New Covenant.
  4. In the New Covenant, we are all called to be a channel of blessing to those around us.
  5. The everlasting covenant of Phinneas Numbers 25: 13

2. Studying the Levites

  1. As we study the Levites, we will understand the everlasting covenant that we are to minister in today.
  2. We are not only told that they were called, but why they were called in Malachi 2: 4 – 6
    1. Greatly revered me
    2. Stood in awe of my name.
  3. This comes from Exodus 32: 26 – 29
    1. Moses stated who is on the Lord’s side to come to him.
    2. They strapped swords on their side and avenged the dishonor done to him
  4. In Moses blessing to the tribes, Moses mentions their readiness for God’s service Deuteronomy 33: 8, 9
  5. Mentioned Phinehas and his zeal is strikingly similar to that of the Levites as a whole.Numbers 25: 10 – 13

3. Jealousy for God

  1. Jealous with God’s jealousy 2 Corinthians 11: 2
    1. Jealous for God’s honor
    2. This is the gateway into a new covenant of an everlasting priesthood.
    3. Being entrusted by God with the sacred work of teaching His people, interceding before Him and turning many from sin.  Deuteronomy 33: 10 Malachi 2: 6
  2. We can be tempted to pursue our own happiness and holiness rather than the deliverance of men.
  3. A reckless disregard of everything that would interfere with God’s will and commands, a being jealous with God’s jealousy against sin, a witnessing and a fighting against it at any sacrifice
    1. They are dishonored by every golden calf that takes the place of worship of God.

4. Set Apart

  1. Consecrate yourselves today unto the Lord even every man upon his brother. Exodus 32: 29
  2. consecration because of fear.
    1. Jeremiah 32: 40
    2. God will show his New Covenant to those who fear Him Psalm 25: 14
  3. Without fear, we will take the grace of the New Covenant to dangerous levels
    1. Hypocritical in pointing out sin
    2. Overwhelmed by not wanting to offend.

5. The impossibility of the Priesthood

  1. God knows the huge responsibility of praying for others and believing for an answer or ministering the hope of the Word of God to those who are beyond hope.
  2. Ezekiel knew what it was to be filled with the spirit of God Ezekiel 18: 30 – 32
    1. Just get a new heart and serve God.
    2. God showed Ezekiel how he was going to do this
    3. Ezekiel 37: 2, 3 completely dried out
      1. Ashamed, confused disappointed
      2. Live again Revived?
    4. Spirit came and gave them life 37: 9, 10
    5. Holy Spirit is under oath to do this work in our lives. Ephesus 3: 16, 17
    6. Trying to do it in our own power will kill us and others.
      1. Romans 8: 13 talking to people instead of bones.
      2. Unbelief steps us from enjoying the work of the Holy Spirit
  3. God’s promise to cleanse us (consecrate us)
    1. David rule over them.  Ezekiel 37: 24, 25
    2. Vs 26 land place of solid ground a place of firmness unshakable.

6. Unshakable

  1. Moses, who is on the Lord’s side. They came to his land away from idol
  2. Strap sword because you fear God.
  3. Your inheritance will be God rather than land.
  4. God will make us unshakable.
    1. Sacrifice ourselves for others.