New series called Changed about how to bring change to our lives, families, and the lives of those around us.

  1. The Message 

Jonah heard the message that he was to give to Nineveh.

Jonah 1: 2

Nineveh is modern day Mosul

Not the first time Jonah has been asked to prophesy as he was an established prophet during the reign of King Jeroboam II (2 Kings 14:23 – 27)

Jonah decides to go the other direction.

Will of God is not something we can decide on what to obey or disobey. That was the problem in the garden of Eden when man decided to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We decide for ourselves what is right and wrong when it comes to obeying God.

  1. Talk to this person
  2. Change how and what we eat
  3. Let go of this attitude
  4. Love your spouse
  5. Problem is we decide what we want to do.

2. The Boat and the Storm.

He is going to get into a boat and a storm is going to come upon them.

The bible is filled with instances where people get into boats and two results happen. They don’t catch any fish or a storm comes upon them.

Trying to discern why the storm comes is walking on dangerous ground.

  1. Jonah gets into a storm because he is in rebellion.
  2. Paul gets into a storm because he knows that the boat should not sail and it does anyway because the captain doesn’t care what the man of God says.
    1. Both of these have people getting into trouble through no fault of their own.
    2. Paul the man of God in a storm because of a rebellious captain who refuses to listen to what God says
    3. A pagan captain in a storm because of a rebellious man of God who refuses to do what God says.
  3. Let’s not stop there. Jesus commanded the disciples to get into a boat twice so they are walking in total obedience and both times they are in a storm that will kill them.

There is no possible way to discern why we are going through what we are going through and too much time is wasted on this part of the story.

3. Reactions in the storm.

  1. Paul they don’t eat for 14 days because of the panic
  2. Disciples rowing and panicking.
  3. The two reactions that I really enjoy are these.
    1. Disciples ask Jesus who is perfect. How can you sleep in the storm? (Mark 4: 38,39)
    2. Pagans ask Jonah who is in rebellion How can you sleep (Jonah 1:6)
  4. Discernment is so hard in the middle of a storm and we are going to get it wrong.

I do know from these stories that there are four reactions in the storm.

  1. Jesus walks out to people in the middle of the storm.
    1. He will meet us in the storm. When we see him we can walk on the water or over our circumstances just like Jesus.
  2. Most times we don’t see him and we move out in faith believing we know what Jesus is telling us to do
    1. Acts 27, Paul comes out and says we are all going to be safe, feeds the people and encourages them.
  3. Sometimes we need to pray and take authority over the situation and speak to the storm to be quiet like Jesus did in Mark 4
  4. Sometimes the storm swallows us up and we are in the belly of a great fish.
    1. Can’t get much worse than that. Getting swallowed up by a fish in the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Prayer from hell

Gone from the presence of God. 2: 4

beneath the waves Vs 5  Anyone ever hear, I’m drowning here.

Seaweed wrapped around his head. Vs 5

Imprisoned in the earth Vs 6  this is in hell

Gates shut forever Vs 6 there is no way out.

Life slipping away.Vs 7

Jonah’s declaration.

  1. I remembered the Lord.
  2. Earnest prayer went out to you in your temple
    1. Jonah is in hell, but he knew his prayer could go beyond the circumstances he was involved in.
  3. I will offer praise which goes to you.
    1. Worship in hell
  4. Salvation comes from you alone

5. Message from the storm

  1. Acts 27 it was Paul praying for the leader of Malta’s father and healing him so a revival broke out
  2. Mark 5 it was healing of a demonic oppressed man who terrorized the community
  3. Jonah spit out of fish and a 500 mile walk to Mosul (Nineveh) and a spirit of repentance broke out in Jonah for disobeying and in Nineveh because if Gods people cry out God will still hear from heaven and heal bring change to our land.