1. Transfigured for Change

Talking about how to bring change to a people, city, and nation

Two weeks ago we talked about being transformed.

  1. Sins forgiven
  2. Knowing who we are in our standing
  3. Radiating God which brings terror to the enemies of God.
    1. Those who hate the Lord cringe before Him Psalm 81: 15

Now Jesus is coming down the mountain and encounter a man with a demon possessed son.


shalom שָׁלוֹם first letter shin to consume or destroy, second letter lamed which is authority so to have people destroying the authority that brings chaos. Fav connect and last letter chaos.

The disciples are unable to do anything about it so Jesus drives out the demon.  Afterwards, the disciples ask why they were powerless to do anything. Mark 9: 29 This kind only comes out by prayer and fasting.


2. Power Outage

If it took so much power to change one boy, how much will be needed to bring change to a world.

Don’t want to just talk about fasting today, but there is a principle  behind fasting that Jesus is trying to teach his disciples.

When we fast we get out of the way so only Jesus is left to do his work.

EXAMPLES:  John the baptist.  He must increase and I must decrease.  Jesus went into the wilderness Led by the Holy Spirit (Luke 4: 1) and came out filled with the Holy Spirit’s Power (Luke 4: 14)

John slide

John 5: 25 – 30 All the world will hear my voice and rise, but I do nothing without my Father’s command.

Needs do not slide

There were a lot of needs around Jesus time, but need does not justify calling.  We have to be able to do what God is asking us to do.

If we are going to see God do what he wants to bring change to our society, we are going to have to continually get out of the way or as Paul stated, I die daily 1 Corinthians 15: 31.

Practical way we are called to die daily to advance the kingdom of God and bring change to a demon possessed society.

Do It Again JAH

3. Do It Again JAH

Psalm 68: 28 Summon your might O God, Display your power, O God as you have in the past.

Name for God only used one time JAH Psalm 68: 4 This is short for Jahweh, but it is not an abbreviation, but it is a condensed version of the name.  The name Yahweh compacted.

Jah slide

Hebrews spelling for JAH י ם yad and hey

Our God is a consuming Fire Hebrews 12: 29  Hebrew spelling for Fire is אש esh and shin

God made man man איש new letter is yod which means out of the Fire.

Man made from Fire

4. Man made out of the Fire.

  1. Competition in us.
    1. Sports for participation, we all know the score

Maasai slide

  1. Heard Angus Buchan speak about a tribe in Africa called the Maasai. Run into a Maasai warrior they will stare you down until you back down and then push you out of the way. Lion slideThe Maasai tribe sees lion hunting experience as a sign of bravery and personal achievement. In the past, when the lion population was high, the community encouraged solo lion hunting. (Lion numbers down so they hunt in groups now)
  1. Forged out of the fire
  2. Daddy slide
  3. Daddy or Abba אבא middle letter (beth) means house, other letter (aleph) means strong so the Daddy is the strength of the house. Romans 8: 15
  4. Lion fighters you don’t go out to feed the lion, you go out to kill it.
  5. The lion is satan
    1. Kill compromise, unforgiveness, lust, fear, unbelief.

Man in garden

  1. man put in Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it Genesis 2: 15  Why watch over it?  There was a lion (snake) in the garden and God’s intention was not to let the snake reign.
  1. BUT

Not good slide

  1. God decided it was not good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2: 18) I will make a helper for him who is just right for him.
  1. Not his servant or door mat or sex object, but a helper, because we have a need to give
  2. Husbands love your wives. (Wash their feet )

Woman slide

5. Woman Fire reveals.

Woman the fire revealsם אש third letter hey

Why wasn’t it good for man to be alone?

  1. Needed someone to serve
  2. Needed someone to be alongside him
  3. Someone who God could reveal himself through.

JAH slide

  1. Remember name for YAH? י ם yad and hey
  1. Man = איש new letter is yod Woman = ם אש third letter hey Together we form God without God in our midst, we are fire that will consume each other.


6. Marriage Reveals Christ

Husbands and wives are Jesus and the Church.

  1. As I fast and give of myself to my wife, I become more like YAH
  2. As my wife serves me and supports me, We become more like YAH
  3. We are wired for this, but we search out our own power and identity and fall so short of what God has for us.  We are powerless in front of a man who is holding up his child in need of help.
  4. Only God would devise a plan that something so powerful has to start so simple. Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church. Wives submit to your husbands as the church submits to Christ.