1. The Outpouring
    1. The followers of Jesus were promised an outpouring of the Holy Spirit
    2. The Feast of Pentecost was happening
      1. Celebration of the harvest
      2. Celebration of the Giving of the Torah
    3. Helenistic Jews were in Jerusalem for this celebration
      1. Traveled from around the Roman empire to celebrate and make business deals
    4. Sound of the rushing wind stopped everyone who was at the temple
      1. People heard the rushing wind
      2. They saw people speaking in other tongues
        1. Some were convinced
        2. Others put it off saying the followers were drunk
  2. Peter’s Message
    1. This was prophecies by the prophet (Joel 3:1 – 5, Vs 16, 17)
      1. Refutes the people who are saying that they are drunk
    2. “The Last Days”
      1. 2000 years ago — how can these be the last days?
      2. The last days are the promise that the Messiah will come and set up his kingdom on the earth and rule
      3. Those in relationship with Jesus are starting to experience this in today’s kingdom
    3. Your sons and daughters will prophecy (2:18)
      1. The divine presence did not dwell no the second temple like it did in the first
      2. This is the filling of the divine glory of the temple
      3. Prophecy is going to become a major factor in the rest of the Book of Acts
    4. Signs and wonders will come from heaven (Vs 19, 20)
      1. Peter declares that these signs were performed by Jesus (Vs 22)
      2. will acknowledge a greater fulfillment of these signs and wonders
        1. Jesus taught this in (Matthew 24:30 and Luke 21:11, 12, 25, 26)
          1. These also happen when the angel breaks the sixth seal in Revelation (Revelation 6:16)
    5. Peter uses Joel 2:32 to break off the Joel prophecies and start his discourse
    6. Death of Jesus confirmed by God (Vs 22, 23)
      1. People Galilee and Jerusalem knew about Jesus
        1. Other Jews may not have heard of him 
      2. He claims the wicked killed him, but the Jews handed him over
        1. Wicked would be the Romans
        2. Jews were the Sadducees and Pharisees
        3. It was ordained by God that this would happen
    7. God raised Him from the dead (Vs 24)
    8. Peter quotes a Psalm from David (Vs 25 – 29)
      1. David is speaking prophetically about the Messiah
      2. He is not claiming that he would never die
      3. Tomb of David was in Jerusalem and Peter knew about it
        1. There is a tomb, but put up by the crusaders —probably not accurate
    9. David knew about the everlasting kingdom coming through him (Vs 30, 31)
      1. 2 Samuel 7:12, 13
    10. Peter introduces the others as eye witnesses (Vs 32)
      1. Eyewitnesses to the miracles that happened
        1. Peter emphasizes the life and miracles of Jesus (Vs 2:22), Resurrection from dead (Vs 24 – 32), exaltation to right hand (Vs 33 – 35)
    11. Jesus was exalted to the right hand of God (Vs 33 – 35)
      1. He explained this so the people would not ask, “Where is he now if he rose from the dead?”
    12. Spirit of conviction on the skeptics comes (Vs 36, 37)
      1. What shall we do?
      2. Two step action points
    13. Repent (Vs 38)
      1. John the Baptist’s message (Matthew 3:1)
      2. Jesus also preached it (Matthew 4:17)
      3. The return to God is the same message from Genesis —“Adam, Where are you?”
        1. Christianity does not make you check your brain at the door, but if Jesus is Messiah, it does require a change in heart and attitude
        2. No greater guilt than knowing the truth and rejecting it
    14. Be Baptized (Vs 38)
      1. In the name of Jesus leads to confusion about what is the formula for baptism
      2. Wording here would stop this argument is we just  put in for the name of Jesus
        1. For the sake of
        2. Identify with Jesus
        3. A mystical union with Jesus takes place here
    15. You will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Vs 38)
    16. This does not mean that you have to be baptized to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
      1. Three are people who are filled with the Holy Spirit who Peter tells to be baptized later (Acts 10:44 – 48)
    17. Promise of Salvation (Vs 39)
      1. Peter goes back to the promise of Joel whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (2:32)
      2. All who are far away is talking to the Hellenistic Jews
      3. This promise will also happen to the Gentiles (Romans 10:13)
    18. Generation doomed (Vs 40)
      1. Peter preaches for a long period of time
      2. Saved from this perverse generation is the same warning Jesus gave (Matthew 23:36, 37)
        1. Not that this generation was so much worse, but that the time for it to happen was now
    19. 3000 saved
      1. At first Pentecost when the Torah came people worshipped a calf and 3000 people died after 40 days (Exodus 32:28)
      2. Sin brought death but Jesus brings life
      3. People returned to the pools and immersed into the name of Jesus