1 Corinthians 1:10-31


Divisions in the Church


  1. Paul pleads for unity Vs 10 – 13
    1. Remember Paul was on the level of the apostles and he could demand but that is not the wording that he chooses to use here.
    2. There are schisms in the church so it is not just that they are not unified, they are tearing each other apart.
      1. Problem is that they are all saying the same thing
      2. Yet, they are tearing each other apart because of small things.
      3. The thing is they are not just following Paul, Apollos, Peter, or Christ, but they are tearing down the other teachers.
      4. The end result is strife in the church.
    3. 1 Timothy 1: 3, 4 Paul warns against people who spend all their time arguing about pedigrees.
      1. Pedigrees are things that lead to constant questioning with no real results in the discussions.
      2. It is not that they are just talking about them, but they are going after each other over different opinions.
      3. These things don’t  help people live lives of faith in God.
    4. Was Christ divided Vs 13
      1. The idea is that no one group has a full revelation of who Christ really is.
  2. Paul grateful he didn’t add fuel to the fire by baptizing people.


The Power of the cross and the real divide. Vs 18 – 25


  1. Paul did not come to baptize, but to preach.
  2. Paul preached with power rather than just using clever words
    1. We can share Christ without seeing any results.
      1. By trying to spice it up with clever words, we really lose all the power of what could possibly happen. (ignoring the cross)
    2. Paul preached with power by lifting up what Christ did on the cross.
    1. People who don’t know Jesus see the cross as foolishness.
      1. This is the thought that we are not good enough to attain salvation on our own or through our own sacrifices
      2. It also means the act of taking up our cross and following Jesus is foolishness.
        1. Why sacrifice here on earth?  Eat Drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.
    2. People who understand the cross it is the power of God for our salvation
      1. Sacrifice our lives that we might gain Christ. Philippians 3: 12 – 14
    3. God who uses the cross to destroy man’s so called wisdom. Vs 19
      1. The quote is from Isaiah 29 where Judah felt that it was better to aline with Egypt than listen to Jehovah.
      2. Out wisdom always falls flat


  1. We cannot know God through clever debate Vs 20 – 22
    1. This is where apologetics fall short. (defense of the Bible)   If we can win someone to The Lord because of our great argument, then someone with a better argument can lead them astray.
    2. Not against defending the Bible if that is a real problem with someone coming to salvation, but most times it is just for the sake of argument.
    3. GOD SAVES THROUGH PREACHING (Romans 10: 14 – 16)
  2. The Jews ask for a sign (Matt. 11 Mark 11, Luke 11 etc)
    1. This would be people who stand in front and demand that God shows himself if He is real.
  3. Greeks want to debate the possibility of a flood or how tall was Goliath.  No real benefit in it.
  4. The Message is Christ (anointed one in power) Crucified (defeated and humiliated) Vs 23
    1. What kind of God would get himself crucified unless he was powerless.
  5. God’s foolishness (not that he is ever foolish) is greater than all the wisdom of mankind.
    1. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways.
    2. Money, prestige, power, are of no advantage before God.


The Purpose of our Unity Vs 26 – 30


  1. Not many wise or powerful people were called by God.
    1. This lays waste to the thought that if ___________ (anyone famous) became a christian, they could really do something for God.  they could not because we must learn not to rely on our own power and name, but on the name of Christ.
  2. No one is going to get credit when they stand before Him. Vs 29
    1. No one standing in His own credit or self worth when they stand before Him
  3. Think of the people that God used to defeat the enemy throughout the Bible.
  4. God showed his wisdom through the person of Jesus Christ.
    1. You are united with Christ Jesus
    2. Our stance before God because of Jesus Christ.
      1. Made us.
        1. Right with God free from all sin.
        2. Pure Sanctified as we continue to work out this salvation
        3. Holy delivered from the chains of sin that may be in our lives.
  5. There is no reason to boast about who we follow and who are the best teachers.
    1. Why are there arguments about who we are following.
    2. Why are we tearing down other people thinking we are superior to them.
  6. If I am going to boast, then I am going to boast how I am nothing and Jesus is everything.