1 Corinthians 6: 12 -20 (Questions [email protected])


Paul is continuing to deal with problems that are arising in the church.  he dealt with christians taking their disputes public last week.  He summed up his argument with the fact that we are messing with our eternal destiny by how we live here.  Now he is going to deal with the sanctity of the human body


  1. Remembering who you are


  1. We are no longer people who are in the danger of hell. Vs 11
  2. We are..
    1. Washed = baptized into body of Christ
    2. Sanctified = Set apart for God to do with as he wills
    3. Justified = made right with God and stand before him perfect.
  3. Jesus has saved us
  4. The Holy Spirit keeps on working this out in our lives.


2. The root of legalism Vs 12


  1. What is permitted is not our best guide for behavior.
    1. many times we can come across people who are asking can I still do __________ and go to heaven.  Paul is addressing that this is the wrong approach for the church to take.
  2. Colossians 2: 16, 17 “When it comes to what we eat or drink or on what day we worship the Lord, al things are lawful for me.  I am at liberty and I should not let anyone put me under bondage as legalist are prone to do.”
    1. They are dealing with the problem of sleeping with prostitutes
    2. Taking Paul’s statement about food, they are applying it to their bodies.
    3. “It doesn’t matter what we eat because the body will be destroyed one day.  Sex is like an appetite and it does not matter what I do with my body because it is going to pass away someday.
  3. All things being lawful (liberty) does not apply to having a license to sin.


3. Sexual and food appetites are not the same. Vs 13, 14


  1. Food for the body and the body for food. Vs13
    1. This is probably quoting a saying that the Corinthians are using.
    2. My body wants food and my body wants sex so what is the problem.
  2. I have an appetite for sex so I was created that way by God.
    1. Problem is that this appetite came with Adam not God.
    2. The sex we are talking about is the lust that just wants satisfaction from another without covenant.
  3. Our bodies belong to the Lord. Vs 11 sanctified = set apart for God’s use.
  4. Out stomaches will pass away, but our bodies will be resurrected.
    1. Paul is trying to say that appetites for food and sex are not the same.
    2. What we do with our bodies in regard to food is not the same and what we do with our bodies in regard to sex.


4. Remembering you are part of the body of Christ. Vs 15 – 17

  1. You are part of the body of Christ.
  2. how can you become part of a prostitute? Joined with her in sexual union
  3. Sexual union constitutes a permanent bond.
    1. What God instituted in Genesis still applies to ever union.
    2. The two will become one.
    3. God does not differentiate between lawful and unlawful unions.
  4. How can something which is destined for eternal life be joined with that which is dead.
    1. EXAMPLE: attach a living arm to a dead body. What would be the end result?  Will the dead body come back to life?  Of course not.  You are part of life and you cannot be joined to death.
  5. When we cleave to the Lord, we are one with Him in Spirit.
  6. We cannot give what is not ours to another.


5. Call to flee Vs 18


  1. We are called to combat other sins, but flee fornication.
  2. Example of Joseph fleeing even though it cost him something (See Genesis 39: 7 – 21)
  3. Don’t flee sex, but flee sexual immorality.
    1. Sex is a beautiful bond given in marriage (Hebrews 13: 4 marriage bed undefiled)
    2. Relationship is pure and holy before God.
    3. Not a good idea to bring pornography into a marriage to “spice up” the relationship.
  4. Flee…
    1. Sexual immorality with another person
    2. Those things which stir up ungodly, lustful passions.
  5. he is not saying that sexual immorality is worse than other sins, but it has an unique effect on the body.  It is not only physical, but moral and spiritual.


6. Sustaining principle in how to live Vs 19, 20


  1. Your body is the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit.
    1. Whatever we do, Christ is doing
  2. We belong to God.
    1. A wise man takes special care of that which doesn’t belong to him.
  3. We are bought with a high price. (See 1 Peter 1: 19)
    1. We have no rights of our own.
    2. Give dignity to your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit
  4. These are not old, out of date passages.
  5. God’s story of sin Redemption, and final consummation where the kingdoms of this world will belong to the kingdom of our God are still relevant today.