I Corinthians 7, continued


2. Divorce and remarriage when married to unbelievers. 12 – 16


  1. Now Paul is no longer quoting Jesus Vs 12 – 16
  2. Believer cannot break the marriage just because he is married to an unbeliever.
    1. This is because one of them became a believer
    2. This is not because we marry an unbeliever which Paul will forbid in 2 Corinthians 6: 14 – 18
    3. Unbeliever sanctified by believer.  Vs 14
      1. This is not saying that the unbeliever is saved through the believer.
      2. This is talking about a blessing that is on the life of the unbeliever because you are in this marriage.
      3. Children have a chance to know the Lord because the believer is in the house.
    4. If unbeliever wants to leave, let them Vs 15
    5. Our godly actions can turn around the heart of our spouse (See 1 Peter 3: 1 – 6)
      1. This is not saying that separation will result in the person not becoming a believer.
        1. This puts the power to change a life on the person rather than the Holy Spirit.
      2. Don’t let their leaving destroy your peace
      3. Don’t live under condemnation.


3. WE can live for God right where we are


  1. We have to do away with the attitude of…
    1. When I am married, then I can fulfill what God has for my life.
    2. When I have money, then I can serve God
    3. When my circumstances change, then I can serve God.
  2. How is your walk with God now and am I serving Him.


4.  God’s calling and our circumstances Vs 18 – 24


  1. Example of Circumcision Vs 18, 19
  2. He could have used married or unmarried here but he is emphasizing Keep God’s commandments no matter where you are.
    1. He is not talking about any specific commandments here.
    2. He is talking about obedience at any specific time.
    3. Live out your christian life in the situation you were called. Vs 20
      1. Do not compromise for comforts sake.
    4. Second illustration slavery Vs 21
      1. If you become a believer, do not become a revolutionary
      2. Become free if at all possible.
    5. Examples from slavery Vs 22 – 24
      1. You are free in the Lord.  Vs 22
        1. Circumstances cannot dictate your ability to serve the Lord.
        2. You are a slave to Christ.
      2. God bought you with a high price. Vs 23 (Repeat of 1 Corinthians 6: 20)
    6. Things can become a distraction in our lives Vs  24
      1. Marriage, sorrow, joy, commerce, or the world.  WE need to learn how to turn our backs on distractions of things that are even good.


5.  Answering more questions Vs 25 – 40


  1. Is it better to be married or single? Vs 25 – 28
    1. No command from the Lord…No specific quote
    2. Not saying a direct order but from the circumstance that is happening, you can see that it is better to remain single.
    3. There is a specific crisis happening in Corinth at this time. Vs 26
      1. It is obvious that in a crisis, you are thinking of your own family during it.
    4. He is repeating what he said in Vs 17 – 24
    5. If we try to change our place during this crisis, you will just add problems to it.
  2. Crisis should remind them time is short 29 – 31
    1. Some say he is a false prophet because he said time is short.  So did Jesus Matthew 24: 44 and so did David Psalm 39: 5
      1. Short is a sailing term.  It means the sails are rolled up and we are rowing into port.
    2. Not saying don’t act like you are not married. Vs 29
      1. Don’t let the circumstances you are in affect your pursuit of pleasing God.
        1. Marriage
        2. Joy
        3. Sorrow
        4. Possessions
        5. Use of the world.  Use it don’t let it use you.
      2. Must live as knowing this world is under judgement and will pass away.
  3. Unmarried undistracted. Vs 32 – 35
    1. Married people have less opportunity to serve the Lord because of commitments.
    2. Unmarried are free to obey in anyway with no distractions.
    3. He is not putting a leash on anyone, he is just stating the obvious.
    4. Am I being a distraction to my mate?
  4. Should I allow my daughter to get married. Vs 36 – 38
    1. The man here is a father
    2. The virgin is his child.
    3. Don’t keep your child from getting married thinking you are making her spiritual.  This is talking about the practice of prearranged marriages which was common during these times.
    4. Choice between married and unmarried is not between right and wrong, but between good and best.
  5. Marriage of widows 39, 40
    1. You are bound by marriage until the death of a spouse.
    2. She can remarry, but only if the spouse loves the Lord.
    3. Same advice as single people.
      1. Get married if you want
      2. Better not to be married.
      3. He is not talking that sex is evil as some take this chapter to mean.  He is talking about being able to serve the Lord with no distractions