1. Core Values

John 10: 10 I have come that you would have real and eternal life (Message Version)

Real Spelled Out

  1. Last week Relationship with God and Relationship with Each other which is also our theme for the year
    1. Abraham Loved God and built towers to honor Him
    2. Loved others and pursued Lot to bring him into the family
  2. “E” Every Believer a Minister Home and Abroad
    1. God has empowered us to be his witnesses here in the Valley and around the world.
    2. Loren and Stephanie Thomas

2. The Tower

Last week I talked on the tower of Babel and the people’s desire to stay together as a people.

Genesis 10 the birth of nations.  Adam contained all the DNA for every race and nation in his body

God is a God of diversity and he will have people from every tribe nation and race before his throne. (Revelation 7:9)

When God separated the nations by language, (Genesis 11:8,9) It was to fulfill his purposes in creating the nations and spreading them throughout the world.

This also created a challenge for us when it comes to sharing Christ across cultural divides.

  1. language
  2. Culture( Indonesia building house on poles for storm so important to put poles deep in sand rather than on rock)
  3. Sin habits Polygamist society and how to share
  4. These can and are being overcome, but you can see the challenges.
  5. Only 1/2 of 1% of believers are involved in Cross cultural missions
  6. So when we say every believer a minister home and abroad, we are saying most evangelism that happens is in similar cultures.
    1. Disciples John 1: 40, 41 Andrew went and found his brother Peter
    2. John 1: 45 Philip went and found Nathanael.
    3. 80 % of people would attend a church if invited, but only 3 % invite another.

3. Jesus the Galilean

  1. Jesus was Jewish and most of his ministry was to Jewish people. (Matthew 15:24 I was sent to the lost sheep of Israel)
  2. When Jesus picked his disciples they were not a Government Cabinet with diversity, they weren’t just Jewish, they were all Galileans except for Judas
  3. His circle of 120 believers were all Galileans. When Jesus ascended the angels came and spoke to the people looking up, (Acts 1: 11 Men of Galilee…)
  4. Sent the disciples out they were only to go to Jewish people (Do not go to the Samaritans or the Gentiles but only to the people of Israel Matthew 10: 5)

Jesus was not against other nations because all of these disciples are going to travel cross cultural in their lives, but while he was here, his ministry was focused on people who spoke, acted, and lived like he did so his focus could be on training them before they were sent out.

4. The Apostles

Matthew 10: 1 called disciples and sent them out as apostles Vs 5

Apostles ones with a message

Vs 7 announce that the kingdom of God is near

Vs11 Enter a city or village and find a worthy person

  1. Why we start churches
  2. people who know our culture
  3. people who are already to hear the message
    1. 25 youth in Mondovi
    2. Not a lot in Chippewa Falls
  4. Those who will not hear the message.

5. Changed Voice

Acts 2:2-7 These Galileans are speaking in our language