1. Jesus took the curse for us on the cross
  2. Must be more than a statement, it has to be tangible
  3. When problems come, it does not mean we are out of God’s favor
  4. God gave us His son, is there anything else he will withhold from us?
  5. God will meet us in our weakness just like he did Thomas
  6. We must contend that this becomes a reality in our lives.

1.  Unlimited or ultimate favor

There is a difference between God’s unlimited favor and his ultimate favor.  many preach wealth and possession which God will supply, but we shortchange ourselves when we seek this instead of his ultimate favor.

The promised land was a place of unlimited favor, but God ultimately wanted to give to them his ultimate favor.  God even offered to give them the promised land without his presence, but Moses would have none of it.

QUESTION  would heaven still be heaven if God wan’t there?  When we define heaven, we should just say, God’s there.

Exodus 33: 13 Please show me now your ways that I may know you in order to find FAVOR in your sight.

unlimited favor is God able to breath life into any desert wilderness.    This is favor that exceeds things, it is found in the Lord himself.  What good is milk, honey, and grapes, without the presence of the Lord.

We are surrounded by those with nothing.  favor goes beyond bread or possession.  It is the Lord himself.

2. We love our idols

Even after God blessed Israel, they turned to idols.  Romans 1: 25

We don’t plead for bread when we are starving like Israel, or we don’t thirst for water from a rock. but we still need to seek God’s presence or we will build an idol.  When we pursue an idol, God can say, go ahead and enjoy it, but you find me in any of it.

Churches always asking for money, It is more than that.

Why giving is more important here than other countries.  It is war against the idol of consumerism in our lives.

EXAMPLE:  Uzziah sought God and pursued him 2 Chronicles 26: 15, 16 Pride lead to his downfall. What lead to his heart being lifted up in pride was the favor of God on his life.  Jim Cymbala said the blessings of God can either lead to humility before him or pride and self sufficiency.  Pride can lead us to no longer needing God’s grace in our lives.  Uzziah bypassed the priests.  he got leprosy in his life. and the last word on his life was not his great accomplishments, 2 Chronicles 26: 23 “he had leprosy”

Blessing behind giving because it frees to pursue what is really important in my life or else I become entitled.

EXAMPLE: children of Israel and getting sick of manna.  They had been eating it for a year, now they are finally making movement toward the promised land.  Eleven Day journey and they are three days into it.  They decide to complain about having to eat manna. They are only eight days away from not eating manna again.  The manna stopped when they entered the promised land.

  1. manna represents Jesus.
  2. They wanted meat or flesh
  3. John 6 Jesus states that he is the manna
  4. Flesh accomplishes nothing
  5. Problem is they are bored with Jesus.
  6. Pride does that

Moses response, being the leader of 1 1/2 million people is nothing without you God.Moses response, God kill me in the desert before you lead me to someplace that you aren’t  may this become our churches cry too.

3. Is God enough?

If God enough for me?  Do I have any other gods before me?

Moses cried show me your glory 33: 18

God his Moses in the cleft of the rock and that rock is Jesus.

We all with unveiled faces behold the glory of the Lord.

EXAMPLE: Howard Goss famous speaker in the 50’s Radiated God’s favor on him life.  Invited to camp meeting in Canada with every top billed evangelist around at the time.  They arrived early to make out the schedule for morning, afternoon, and evening speakers.  Each trying to get the best times with the greatest audiences.  They looked around and Howard Goss was not in the meeting.  Someone heard he was in the cafeteria and they went there to confirm a speaking time.  They were shocked when they found him on his knees washing the floor with kitchen help.  “What are you doing?”  You have so many great speakers here and I saw they were short of help in the kitchen so I am here.

God do away with every idol in my life  I don’t want to go anywhere that you are not.