Favor of God

  1. Favor of God

God is going to restore all things to himself and work through people to do this.

Luke 1 slideLuke 1: 28 Greetings favored woman.

  1. Had to explain an unmarried pregnancy to her husband and family
  2. Only hide it so long
  3. Virgin birth went over big with the villagers. (Mark 6: 3 They scoffed, He’s just a carpenter, the son of Mary…)

God’s idea of favor and ours is sometimes different.


  1. Mighty hero, the Lord is with you. (Judges 6: 12)
    1. Destroy your dad’s idols because he is a priest of Asherah
    2. Face an army as many as the sands of the sea with an army of 300


From movies “If we are God’s chosen people, next time choose someone else”

2. Unmet expectations


  1. prophetic word that the people of Israel would be let go
  2. Went to Pharaoh and demanded release
  3. Didn’t work so plagues came
    1. Exodus 8: 1 Pharaoh begged Moses to have frogs go 8;8
    2. Flies 8: 25
    3. Hail Pharaoh quickly summoned Moses 9: 27
    4. Locust Pharaoh sends for them 10: 8
  4. How many times do I come to the same door and the results we were promised are not happening.

With expectations comes a sense of entitlement.

EXAMPLE:  Child of God sick, financial, relational problems  why am I going through these things?

There is always the problem of not being able to see the big picture


  1. Moses had to get to the point of the Passover which was a symbol of Jesus dying on the cross.
  2. Mary birth a savior
  3. Gideon free Israel by the power of God and no other power in the world.

3. Setting our hearts on a Pilgrimage.

Psalm 84: 5 Set our hearts on a Pilgrimage.

John 4 We can worship god anywhere at anytime.  One hour in church is not enough.  This is people who say I am going to know God

Vs 6 We are going to walk through the Valley of Weeping

  1. Weep at grave of dead dreams
  2. Walk out of room shaking head and upset
  3. David cried until he could cry no more

Vs 6b God will refresh us in them middle of it all.

  1. Mary you are blessed Big Picture you are giving birth to the savior of the world will it matter in 10,000 years
  2. Gideon you will be talked about for 3000 years
  3. Moses you will lead these people free and the dreams I laid in your heart will come to pass no matter how many times you are called and leave disappointed.

Vs 7 you will grow stronger and stronger

We are not leaving limping, we are being renewed in strength and we will stand before God.