Looking at the foundations of our faith and how God empowers us to be able to do this.

  1. God with us
  2. God intercedes for us that our faith would not fail
  3. Now, This High Priest understands our weaknesses. (Thomas who doubted God lead more people to Jesus than any of the other disciples) for he faced all the same testings we do, yet he did not sin. Hebrews 4: 15

THOUGHT: God is involved in and cares about my daily life

Not only does he intercede for us, he also experienced all we go through.

  1. Keeps His promises

Sarah Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised.  Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age at the very time God had promised him. Genesis 21: 1,2

Story of Zechariah:

Zechariah and angel coming to him.  He doubted what the angel said.  Could not speak

Mary came and proclaimed she saw the same angel and she believed what he said.  What did Zechariah feel like listening to her speak and him being unable.

He named his son John.  Passing on a name is your identity but when we give up that identity we regain our voice.

2. Mindful of Us

When I consider the works of your hands What is man that you should think about them human beings that you should care for them.  Psalm 8: 4

Bible acknowledges the length of a disease Even though he is eternal Luke 13: 10 – 17Woman bent over for 18 years.

Do not worry what we shall eat what we shall drink or what we shall wear.  Matthew 6: 31,32

3. Plan for us

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you  before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations Jeremiah 1: 5

Line up with the purpose we have been created.

4.  Provide for us

Hager You are the God who sees me for I have seen the one who sees me Genesis 16

  1. Not her fault she was in this problem
  2. Mistreats her authority with contempt
  3. Mistreated by Sarah and runs away.
  4. Came up with a name, you are the God who sees me.  I have seen him who sees me.
  5. Still struggles. but God provides again. Genesis 21:

Do not worry what we shall eat what we shall drink or what we shall wear.  Matthew 6: 31,32

5. Our part

Come boldly and receive Mercy and Grace.

Knows our needs before we speak them so just come before him and receive what you need today.