We have looked at the area of foundations from the book of Hebrews. These things are important in our growth.

Faith on God
Teachings about baptisms
Laying on of hands
Resurrection of the dead
Eternal judgement

Through the practice of these, we will grow in maturity and be able to discern what is good and what is bad.

  1.  Empowered

Feel I don’t want to just leave this as a topic yet because if it is foundational to our growth we can’t just do a series on it and then leave it. I also do not believe that God would just tell us to do something without empowering us to be able to accomplish what he is asking if us.

Hebrews 6 is in the middle of Hebrews and on either side of this, the author is describing the character of who Jesus is. I believe that by understanding who Jesus is, we will be empowered to live a life that fulfills these six foundations.

2. God with us

Hebrews 1:1-4 it starts with the majesty and power of Jesus and Hebrews ends the same way so we will come back to that part in a later sermon. Want to focus on one point of this majestic powerful God.

Hebrews 2:14,15 this God became flesh and lived among us.

Immanuel God almighty with us.

Stories in the Bible that help us understand the importance of this. New Testament encounter with an Old Testament person. Gideon.

3. Gideon, God is with you

Judges 6:11, 12 threshing wheat in a wine press. Thresh wheat outdoors because wind needed to blow away the chaff.

Rabbit trail: threshing floor is a symbol of the church. Not fully doing what we are called to do but notice the condemnation that comes from God.

Mighty Hero the Lord is with you.

God with us and we are with him.

seated with him in heavenly realms
Far above all principalities and powers.
Hebrews stated the power of the devil and death is broken
Anything less than this is believing a lie from the devil

Gideon looked at circumstances instead of Faith on God

Vs 13if God is with us why?…

Vs 14 no answer just the word Go.

4. Sign of the cross

Vs 17 show me a sign.

Matthew 12:39-40 sign is Jesus on the cross and the resurrection.

Gideon prepared a sacrifice and all the sacrifices are samples of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Vs 21. Sacrifice consumed and angel of the Lord disappears possibly ascended in the fire like at Sampson.

Sign brought repentance.

Vs 22 I’m doomed. I have seen the Lord face to face

Faith repentance and resurrection brought a change in Gideon.

Maturity starts.

He hears from God rather than just sees him.

Vs 23 lord who just left speaks to him.

Not perfect in hearing because he struggles with what is Gods will concerning his future.

5. Spirit possessed

Vs 34. Spirit put on Gideon.

We are the temple of God the creator of the universe.

Deal with doubt and fear
Deal with depression as his army fades
People are going to falsely come against his motives.
Deals with ego after the battle.

God is with you Gideon