the Prodigal Son

Three people were known in the story. Two of them did not have the father’s heart and only had a consumer mentality

  • Vs 12 I want my belongings
  • Vs 29 I slaved for you and what do I get for my hard work

1. Apartment living Vs house living
both have walls, doors, and windows, but one is a family and one is a building of strangers.

To be a family, we need to have more than a group of people coming together to sing a couple of songs, listen to a message, and leave.

Understanding where we are going.

Core values = how we do ministry

Core beliefs = what makes us who we are as a part of the Assemblies of God

John 10: 10 I have come that you would have real and eternal life.

Life change is a two step process

  1. Son coming into relationship with the father Vs 17
  2. Growing in that relationship Vs 22 (realizing who we are in Jesus)

HTC Core Values

  • Relationship with God
  • Relationship with each other
  • Every Believer is a Minister
  • Evangelism home and abroad

Living these out will help HTC bring about Life Change in others lives

The Fray To Save a Life