1. The Mission
    1. Luke 9: 1 – Summoned them
    2. Before this time the disciples came and went from he ministry.
    3. From this time on, they were going to follow full time.
    4. Sent out by twos – Matthew 10: 2 – 4
      1. Simon and Andrew
      2. Thomas and Matthew (tax collector)
      3. James and John
      4. James and Thaddaeus
      5. Philip and Andrew
      6. Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot
    5. Mission today to go and make disciples.
    6. Action is needed for mentorship: Being involved in an activity together naturally makes us connect with others.
    7. Volunteer at something: you are not going to change just sitting at home or consumed with your computer.
  2. Authority Given
    1. Beyond ourselves.
    2. Background of this in – Luke 8
      1. Calmed a Storm – Vs 22 – 25
      2. Cast out a legion of Demons – Vs 26 – 39
      3. Jairus daughter who was dead and a woman who was bleeding for 12 years – Vs 40 – 56
    3. Now I am sending you out to do the same thing.
    4. Just because someone is still learning does not mean that someone is not ready.
      1. Greek Philosophy of learning. One imparts information while others assimilate.  When enough information is assimilated, we get a certificate.  Jesus wanted to bring about the apprentice method.  Classroom is required, but the teaching must be utilized.
        1. EXAMPLE: excellence award in basketball
    5. Given authority to preach the kingdom
    6. Preach Kingdom Spiritual needs Enoch prophetic ministry
    7. Heal the sick Physical needs.
  3. Conflict
    1. Every epic, whether a book or movie, has conflict that stretches the main characters only to have them resolve it.
      1. EXAMPLE: couple falls in love, they have to break up at some point or it is really a boring story.
    2. We know that all great stories have conflict which we love to watch from a distance, but we hate to be involved in.
    3. Mentorship is required to be able to work thorough conflict.
    4. Trust for disciples of not taking anything with them. Vs3 – 4. Not a standard because they are commanded to take these things in chapter 22: 35, 36
      1. Ministry is always beyond us and we always feel inadequate.
      2. Learn to trust in what I can do and let God take care of the rest.
    5. Herod wanting to talk with Jesus
      1. Knew what was going on because one of Jesus followers was Joannah, wife of Chuza manager of Herod’s household – 8: 2
      2. Jewish and wanted to know about the one who was drawing crowds in his land
      3. Kingdom preaching with a king in place.
      4. Wanted to see a miracle.
    6. Volatile situation of the 5000.
  4. The Crowd
    1. A crowd in the wilderness of 5000 men plus women and children.
    2. Luke does not really tell us why they were there, but the other gospels tell us what was happening.
      1. Book of Mark, disciples returning from mission and needed some time to rest
      2. Book of John, Passover was near so the crowd was gathering away from religious establishment for some reason.
      3. Book of Matthew John was killed and people went into the wilderness
    3. Wanted to make Jesus king
    4. Jesus left this crowd and crossed the sea out of Herod’s domain.
    5. Jesus dealt with a volatile situation
      1. Preached kingdom
      2. Fed the people.
  5. Know who you are
    1. Identity
      1. David in cave with 400 disconnected people
      2. God once used me to kill a lion
      3. I once stood in front of a whole army and giant by myself and defeated them
      4. God promised us He would give us every place we put our foot
      5. Judges served God but never went all the way.  God is looking for people who finish the race
      6. Dodai fought until sword cramped and he could not open his hand to drop it. I am going to finish
      7. Shammah stood in a field of lentils knowing God gave him every place he set his foot.  He did not retreat and beat back the Philistines
      8. Jahobeam stood in front of a whole army and killed 800 warriors in a single battle
      9. Benaiah went into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion
  6. Generations
    1. No matter how volatile the situation, we can move forward in the power and might of Jesus.