We are looking at HISTORY and the changing of lives that intersect with Jesus
We are going to observe a 24 hour period that is going to have a profound impact on Peter and lives around him.

I want us to imagine that we are going to see the events that happen int he next 24 hours through his eyes. How they would change us.

1. The Sermon.
Mark 4 Jesus is preaching a sermon on the kingdom of God.

  1. Mark 4: 24 How you listen even what you have will be taken away from you.
  2. How the kingdom of God works through us is mysterious, but it continues to grow Mark 4: 26- 29
  3. Even the smallest seed can grow and consume and fill us. Mark 4: 30 – 34

2. The Application
Mark 4: 35
Word given “we are going to the other side of the lake.”

  1. Promise of the future
  2. Rhema word given spoken word from the Bible
  3. Storm comes up to challenge that word.
  4. Failure on the part of Peter.
    1. Not only is the promise not going to happen,
    2. You don’t care if it happens.
  5. Jesus speaks into the storm and stops it.
    1. talked on this earlier. We must approach God with the mindset that there is no storm in our lives that Jesus cannot stop immediately.
    2. Rebukes the disciples for their lack of faith.
    3. It is not just what you hear, but how you hear it that makes a difference. (It never got intotheir spirit.)

3. The Lessons

Now Peter is going to observe three encounters with Jesus that are going to be challenges for him and his own walk with Jesus.

1. Man filled with a Legion of demons.

  1. Talked on this one before.
  2. We live in the already, but the not yet.
  3. Man set free at the word of Jesus.

2.  Cross the lake again and run into Jairus.

  1. Pleading with Jesus to come and lay hands on a sick daughter so she may be healed.
  2. Notice the huge difference between Jairus and the Father who had the demonpossessed son.
    1. If you Can. Lord I believe, help my unbelief.
  1. This man “She Can Live” Vs 23
  2. man initiates this miracle that is about to happen
  1. Run into a woman who has been under attack for 12 years.
    1. Things just keep getting worse no matter what we try to do.
    2. Vs 28 If I touch his robe “I will be healed”
    3. Nothing has changed for 12 years, but I’m still here and I am going to touch my God whocan quiet the storm, deliver the demoniac, heal the little girl.
  2. The servants come with a message for Jairus. Vs 35
    1. The situation went from bad to hopeless.
    2. Conversation is close to the one in the boat.
      1. Don’t bother the teacher anymore
      2. He didn’t care if your daughter was dying, or you are drowning.
    3. Jesus speaks his word into this situation.
      1. Don’t be afraid. Just have faith. WHY AFRAID AND NOT SAD? LESSON FOR OTHERS)
      2. Peter observing this because the night before he was consumed with fear,now don’t be afraid. (THERE IS NO HOPELESS SITUATION)
      1. In times like this, we need to shut up the crowd that is trying to put somethingbetween our pursuit of Jesus and our situation.
      2. Close the door and pray to our father who knows what is going on in secret.(Matthew 6: 6)

4. Peter’s Lesson.

My kingdom is like a mustard seed. It needs good soil to grow and consume us.

  1. Nation far from God even though they used to worship me
  2. Their temples are now just empty ritualistic.
  3. Leadership of nation is anti Jesus and will violently oppose you.
  4. Must learn to shut the door and pray to me
    1. Nation can live
    2. Nation will be healed
    3. Stand on promises of Bible no matter what the storm
    4. Jesus cares and that’s why he created you.
  5. Acts 9:32-42

1. man could not walk for 8 years. healed
2. Dorcas dead. Vs40 leave the room and prayed. She was healed.